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Few issues have resonated as much with AFSA members as the constant headaches related to the moving of pets from post to post. From our unprecedented campaign to persuade United Airlines to change their regulations in favor of the Foreign Service, we have kept a close eye on the issue of Foreign Service companion animals. We are pleased to offer this collection of resources on the issue. This page is updated frequently.

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Approximate Details of United's Military Waiver

  • United Airlines decides to waive the program for pets traveling on the PCS orders of status of forces agreement personnel.
  • Under the waiver, a pet and its kennel weighing 99.9 pounds or less will be checked as excess baggage.
  • The United Airlines PetSafe Program and exemption policy will not affect pet transportation via the Air Mobility Command's Patriot Express, a U.S. government-contract flight, which provides support to U.S. military members and their families
  • The policy for heavier pets remains the same as before. Pets and carriers which weigh 100 pounds or more will still have to be booked as cargo, and those rates will remain the same.

This page was last updated on 4/30/18.