Webinar: EFM Employment Issues

Start Date/Time: 
Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 08:30
End Date/Time: 
Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 09:45

The Foreign Service is more than a career, and the demands of a Foreign Service lifestyle affect more than Foreign Service members—they affect the whole family. Ongoing professional employment can be a challenge for many Foreign Service family members. As such, AFSA is hosting a webinar focused on professional careers for family members outside of the embassy environment.  

We have asked four successful family members to tell their stories about what factors allowed them to flourish in professional careers alongside their Foreign Service spouses, what challenges they faced, and how they addressed those challenges. We will leave plenty of time after their remarks for participant questions. The webinar will feature a good mix of professions, including a senior manager at the World Bank Group, a financial advisor, a corporate attorney, and an editor/writer. The webinar format will allow us to host presenters in various locations, and to take as many questions as our time allows. 

We are holding the webinar on the early side so we can have as many participants from overseas as possible. 

Foreign Service family members, if you are interested in  participating in the webinar, please RSVP using your personal email address to events@afsa.org.

A note on the webinar format: In order to allow all family members to participate, we have elected to run this program as a webinar. To participate, you will simply need to have an internet connection and sound. It will not require you to download any software. Before the event, AFSA will send out a link to all who are registered for the event and when it is time for the webinar, you will simply need to click the link and verify your email address. You will see the presentation as a video and will be able to ask questions by typing in a text box.