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On Jan. 23, AFSA met

with Deputy Secretary

of State Antony Blinken

to discuss the need to

achieve full Overseas

Comparability Pay for all

members of the Foreign

Service. (Department of

State/James Pan)



AFSA filed an implementation dispute in 2015 on behalf of our Foreign Agricultural Service bargaining unit regarding

the Department of Agriculture’s failure to follow procedures relating to the assignment of two Civil Service employees

to overseas positions. This case is currently at the agency grievance level.

AFSA also filed three cohort grievances: two relating to Overseas Comparability Pay (one at State and one at USAID)

and one in response to the Department of State’s inconsistent application of per diem regulations. The OCP cases are

with the Foreign Service Grievance Board.

In another action, AFSA filed a negotiability appeal with the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board in December when

USAID deemed AFSA’s proposals regarding the agency’s plan to hire FS-2s to be nonnegotiable.