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AFSA was initially founded as a professional association for the

purpose of fostering an esprit de corps among the members of the

Foreign Service and continues on that mission to this day.

In May, AFSA paid homage to the more than 600 members of the

Foreign Service who had served in Vietnam during the 1960s and


The Foreign Service Journal

paid tribute with its April issue,

40 Years After the Fall of Saigon: The Foreign Service in Vietnam,

featuring narratives by Foreign Service Vietnam veterans. Copies of

the issue were distributed at AFSA’s private screening of the Ameri-

can Experience documentary

“The Last Days of Vietnam”

for Foreign

Service members at the Department of State’s Marshall Auditorium.

AFSA capitalized on the popularity of

The Foreign Service Journal’s

November issue, “

In Their Own Write,

” which featured 48 books

recently published by members of the Foreign Service community,

by hosting the second annual

AFSA Book Market.

In addition, AFSA

hosts an ongoing Book Notes series featuring conversations with

Foreign Service authors.

In 2015, Book Notes events brought Ambassadors Chris Hill and

Dennis Jett

and retired Foreign Service Officer

Stu Kennedy


AFSA headquarters to discuss their new books with AFSA members.