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The Foreign Service Act of 1980, the legal foundation for the Foreign Service, opens by declaring that “a career Foreign Service, characterized by excellence and professionalism, is essential in the national interest.” AFSA speaks for its members individually, ensuring that the law is upheld and due process followed, but also, crucially, for the long-term health and vigor of the Foreign Service as an institution, certain in the conviction that a career Foreign Service, characterized by excellence and professionalism, is in America’s national interest.

AFSA’s membership include active-duty and retired Foreign Service officers and specialists at the Department of State, as well as members of the Foreign Service from the U.S. Agency for International Development, Foreign Agricultural Service, Foreign Commercial Service, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and Broadcasting Board of Governors. AFSA exists to support the United States Foreign Service, which deploys worldwide to protect and serve America’s people, interests and values. The Foreign Service is the only U.S. government entity that is globally deployed with an enduring physical presence in almost every country in the world, creating an enormous competitive advantage for America and for Americans from all walks of life. AFSA’s members are career professionals who spend roughly two thirds of their careers abroad representing America to the people and leaders of other countries. Members of the Foreign Service are posted to more than 270 U.S. embassies, consulates and other missions around the globe—most in difficult and many in dangerous environments.

Our AFSA staff are hired from across the Foreign Service and international affairs communities. If you are interested in supporting the Foreign Service mission and working for AFSA, please keep an eye on our website below for available jobs. In the meantime, we have posted our Employee Handbook here for your information.

Labor Management Intern – Spring Semester

Eligibility: Current college students and recent graduates, though preference will generally be provided to undergraduate students graduating in 2019 or 2020. Interns need to be hard-working, dependable, detail-oriented, and must possess good editing and writing skills.

Position Description: This is a one semester position, meant to meet the needs of the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) as an organization, and the Labor Management (LM) office. Specifically, the intern will be working at AFSA’s LM office at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We also look forward to meeting the educational needs of our future intern. The position will report to the AFSA USAID Labor Management Advisor and will work closely with the AFSA USAID Vice President as needed. All interns will receive a stipend commensurate with the hours worked: Those working 19 hours or fewer will receive $300; those who work 20-29 hours receive $500; and those who commit to 30-40 hours will receive $700.

Key Job Duties and Responsibilities: This internship will give the intern a wide perspective on what a union does to protect the interests of its bargaining unit, and what labor relations look like at USAID.

  • Labor Management: Assist with on-going projects in the office, attend recurring meetings between AFSA and USAID, assist with editing and drafting correspondence, and assist with client intake.
  • Administrative Assistance: Assist with routine administrative functions in the office, update union correspondence folders, review and dispose of documents in accordance with internal document retention practices, and update and organize the labor management server.

Application: Interested applicants should submit a cover, resume, transcript, and writing sample to Mr. Michael Wallace at, specifying “Labor Management Internship.” Interviews will be offered to short-listed applicants.