Special Envoys, Representatives, Coordinators

Updated on August 3, 2017

Post Ambassador Status Year Appointed
Afghanistan/Pakistan VACANT    
APEC Senior Official Matthew J. Matthews Career FS 2015
Arctic VACANT    
Biological & Toxic Convention Issues Robert A. Wood Career FS 2014
Civil Society & Emerging Democracies VACANT    
Climate Change VACANT    
Commercial & Business Affairs VACANT    
Cyber Issues VACANT    
Energy Resources VACANT    
Environment and Water Resources VACANT    
Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett McGurk Other 2015
Global Criminal Justice VACANT    
Global Engagement Center VACANT    
Global Food Security VACANT    
Global Health Diplomacy Deborah Birx Other 2014
Global Partnerships VACANT    
Global Women's Issues VACANT    
Global Youth Issues Andrew Rabens Other 2014
Great Lakes Region of Africa Laurence Wohlers Career FS 2017
Guantanamo Closure VACANT    
Haiti Kenneth Merten Career FS 2015
Holocaust Issues Thomas Yazdgerdi Career FS 2016
Hostage Affairs VACANT    
International Disability Rights VACANT    
International Information Programs VACANT    
International Labor Affairs VACANT    
International Religious Freedom VACANT    
Iran Nuclear Implementation Stephen D. Mull Career FS 2015
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Frank Lowenstein Other 2015
Libya VACANT    
Middle East Transitions VACANT    
Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism VACANT    
Muslim Communities VACANT    
Nonproliferation & Arms Control VACANT    
North Korea Policy Joseph Yun Career FS 2016
North Korea Human Rights Issues VACANT    
Nuclear Nonproliferation VACANT    
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Kenneth D. Ward Other (CS) 2015
Organization of Islamic Cooperation VACANT    
Religion and Global Affairs VACANT    
Sanctions Policy VACANT    
Science & Technology VACANT    
Secretary Initiatives VACANT    
Security Negotiations and Agreements VACANT    
Somalia VACANT    
Six-Party Talks VACANT    
Sudan & South Sudan VACANT    
Syria Michael Ratney Career FS 2015
Threat Reduction Programs VACANT    
Tibetan Issues VACANT    
Trafficking in Persons Susan Coppedge Other 2015
Transparency VACANT    
Ukraine Kurt Volker Other 2017
U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Deborah Birx Other 2014