Tracker: Senior Official Appointments

Updated: September 22, 2020

Total Appointments: 67
Career Appointments: 6*/9.0%
Political Appointments: 61/91.0%

Names in italics are still awaiting confirmation. (*) stands for a recalled career Foreign Service nominee. A line through a name means the individual has vacated the position.


Department of State

Name Position Career/Political
Rex Tillerson Secretary of State Political
Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Political
John J. Sullivan Deputy Secretary of State Political
Stephen E. Biegun Deputy Secretary of State Political
David Hale U/S Political Affairs Career
Irwin Steven Goldstein U/S Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Political
Andrea L. Thompson U/S Arms Control and International Security Political
Marshall Billingslea U/S Arms Control and International Security Political
Brian Bulatao U/S Management Political
Keith Krach U/S Economics, Energy and the Environment Political
Eric Ueland U/S Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights Political
Manisha Singh A/S Economic and Business Affairs Political
Carl Risch A/S Consular Affairs Political
Mary Kirtley Waters A/S Legislative Affairs Political
Mary Elizabeth Taylor A/S Legislative Affairs Political
A. Wess Mitchell A/S European and Eurasian Affairs Political
Michael Evanoff A/S Diplomatic Security Political
Nicole R. Nason A/S Administration Political¹
Carrie Beth Cabelka A/S Administration Political¹
Christopher Ashley Ford A/S International Security and Non-Proliferation Political
Michelle Giuda A/S Global Public Affairs Political¹
Aaron Ringel A/S Global Public Affairs Political¹
Kevin Edward Moley A/S International Organization Affairs Political
Yleem D.S. Poblete A/S Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Political
Ryan Michael Tully A/S Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Political
Marie Royce A/S Educational and Cultural Affairs Political
Francis Fannon A/S Energy Resources Political
Kirsten Dawn Madison A/S International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Political
Kimberly Breier A/S Western Hemisphere Affairs Political
Carlos Trujillo A/S Western Hemisphere Affairs Political
Tibor Nagy, Jr. A/S African Affairs Career*
Ellen McCarthy A/S Intelligence and Research Political
Denise Natali A/S Conflict and Stabilization Operations Political
R. Clarke Cooper A/S Political-Military Affairs Political
David Schenker A/S Near Eastern Affairs Political
David Stilwell A/S East Asian and Pacific Affairs Political
Robert A. Destro A/S Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Political
Ronald Mortensen A/S Population, Refugees and Migration Career*
Andrew J. Lawler A/S Oceans and Intn'l Environmental and Scientific Affairs Political
Carol Z. Perez Director General of the Foreign Service Career
Nathan Sales Counterterrorism Coordinator Political
Jennifer Gillian Newstead Legal Adviser Political
C.J. Mahoney Legal Adviser Political
Sean P. Lawler Chief of Protocol Political
Katherine Camille Henderson Chief of Protocol Political¹
Stephen Akard Director, Office of Foreign Missions Political
Samuel Dale Brownback Ambassador-at-Large, International Religious Freedom Political
John Cotton Richmond Director, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons Political
Jeffrey Eberhardt Ambassador-at-Large for Nonproliferation Political/Civil Service
Morse Tan Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Political
Kelley Eckels Currie Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Political

U.S. Agency for International Development

Name Position Career/Political
Mark Green Administrator Political
Bonnie Glick Deputy Administrator Political
Brock Bierman Assistant Administrator, Europe & Eurasia Political
Michael T. Harvey Assistant Administrator, Middle East Career
John Barsa Assistant Administrator, Latin America and the Caribbean Political
Richard C. Parker Assistant Administrator, Legislative and Public Affairs Political
Michelle Bekkering Assistant Administrator, Economic Growth/Education/Environment Political
Ramsey Coats Day Assistant Administrator, Africa Political
Jenny McGee Associate Administrator, Response/Relief/Resilience Political
Alma Golden Assistant Administrator, Global Health Political
Sutapa Ghosh Stricklett Assistant Administrator, Asia Political

Foreign Commercial Service

Name Position Career/Political
Elizabeth Erin Walsh FCS Director General Political
Ian Paul Steff FCS Director General Political

Foreign Agricultural Service

Name Position Career/Political
Ted McKinney U/S Trade and Foreign Agricultural Services Political
William Northey U/S Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Political

U.S. Agency for Global Media (formerly Broadcasting Board of Governors)

Name Position Career/Political
Michael Pack CEO Political

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Name Position Career/Political

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Positions marked with ¹ do not require Senate confirmation.