Tracker: Senior Official Appointments

Updated: June 6, 2018

Total Appointments: 32
Career Appointments: 2*/6.2%
Political Appointments: 30/93.8%

Names in italics are still awaiting confirmation. (*) stands for a recalled career Foreign Service nominee. A line through a name means the individual has vacated the position.


Department of State

Name Position Career/Political
Rex Tillerson Secretary of State Political
Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Political
John J. Sullivan Deputy Secretary of State Political
Eric Ueland U/S Management Political
Irwin Steven Goldstein U/S Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Political
Andrea L. Thompson U/S Arms Control and International Security Political
Manisha Singh A/S Economic and Business Affairs Political
Carl Risch A/S Consular Affairs Political
Mary Kirtley Waters A/S Legislative Affairs Political
A. Wess Mitchell A/S European and Eurasian Affairs Political
Michael Evanoff A/S Diplomatic Security Political
Nicole R. Nason A/S Administration Political*
Christopher Ashley Ford A/S International Security and Non-Proliferation Political
Michelle Giuda A/S Public Affairs Political*
Kevin Edward Moley A/S International Organization Affairs Political
Susan Thornton A/S East Asian and Pacific Affairs Career
Yleem D.S. Poblete A/S Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Political
Marie Royce A/S Educational and Cultural Affairs Political
Francis Fannon A/S Energy Resources Political
Kirsten Dawn Madison A/S International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Political
Kimberly Breier A/S Western Hemisphere Affairs Political
David Schenker A/S Near Eastern Affairs Political
Tibor Nagy, Jr. A/S African Affairs Career*
Nathan Sales Counterterrorism Coordinator Political
Stephen Akard Director, Office of Foreign Missions Political
Jennifer Gillian Newstead Legal Adviser Political
Sean P. Lawler Chief of Protocol Political
Samuel Dale Brownback Ambassador-at-Large, International Religious Freedom Political

U.S. Agency for International Development

Name Position Career/Political
Mark Green Administrator Political
Bonnie Glick Deputy Administrator Political
Brock Bierman Assistant Administrator, Europe & Eurasia Political

Foreign Commercial Service

Name Position Career/Political
Elizabeth Erin Walsh FCS Director General Political

Foreign Agricultural Service

Name Position Career/Political
Ted McKinney U/S Trade and Foreign Agricultural Services Political
William Northey U/S Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Political

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Name Position Career/Political
Michael Pack CEO Political

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Name Position Career/Political

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Positions marked with * do not require Senate confirmation.