Department of State

Ken Kero-Mentz, State Vice President

Greetings! I am honored to serve as your Vice President representing the interests of Foreign Service officers and specialists of the U.S. Department of State. I served as AFSA Post Representative while serving in Berlin, served two tours as a member of AFSA’s Governing Board, and I’m passionate about AFSA’s mission to support and defend YOU. I believe strongly in the importance of AFSA's dual role as the professional association and public sector union for the Department's 14,000 active-duty Foreign Service employees, and I am excited to play my part in making the 2017-2019 AFSA Governing Board a success on behalf of our members.                            

Since joining the State Department in 2000, I’ve seen a lot of changes, many of them positive. Like many of you, I share your desire to ensure that the Foreign Service continues to thrive, that we continue to play our part, and that together we build a stronger future for the United States, and globally. During my two-year term I look forward to addressing these issues at the Department for all Foreign Service employees. The challenges facing the Service are many, but with your help we can tackle them together.

Accomplishing our mission may be tougher than ever, and alone we won’t have all the answers. I am serious when I say that we welcome your suggestions and ideas on how best to develop, support, and defend the Foreign Service and Department of State. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by HST Room 1251 next time you're in the building and say hi and share your thoughts and concerns. I look forward to working with you.

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