As a professional association and labor union, AFSA constantly seeks to improve our service to our members. We continually add to our resource collection to respond to member questions and concerns and changing conditions within the Foreign Service. We hope that our extensive list of resources – available to the right – will be of help to you.

What Can I Find Here?

We try to provide resources on many issues relating to the Foreign Service career and life. This includes a comprehensive library of labor management guidance, information on having pets in the Foreign Service, how to register to vote while serving abroad, dealing with divorce while in the Foreign Service, some evergreen "how-to" advice for Foreign Service members, and a list of various external resources that you might find helpful. The AFSA marketplace is here as is, of course, the indispensable AFSA Tax Guide. AFSA also keeps reports, articles, testimonies, and studies online for the purposes of researching. You can search for these items using keywords or the name of the report you are looking for by using the search bar at the top of the page.

Books, Blogs, Career Information, Online Marketplace, Etc.

We also have some 'softer' information available, ranging from our popular listing of Foreign Service blogs to the AFSA bookstore and our ever-growing Foreign Service reading lists. You can also find recordings of AFSA events, our semi-annual education supplement, online Marketplace, and - courtesy of The Foreign Service Journal - a collection of Foreign Service obituaries.​

Of course, the staff at AFSA's Office of the General Counsel is one of our greatest resources, and one that many of our members seek out at some point during their careers. We encourage you to get in touch with them if you have concerns:

If you know of any additional resources that you think might be helpful to our members, please let us know by sending us an email to Thank you!