FS- and EFM-Owned Businesses

AFSA is pleased to offer this new resource section that will list any business owned by Eligible Family Members or a (retired) member of the Foreign Service. Please send the following information to lau@afsa.org to get your business listed:

  • Name of business
  • Website
  • A high-res version of the company’s logo (if any)
  • Email/telephone/other contact information
  • Physical address (if any)
  • One-paragraph description of the services/products offered.
  • Category into which the business falls, e.g. education, counseling, real estate, financial, etc.

We hope these new opportunities will help FS- and EFM-owned businesses reach a larger audience and new potential customers.

Appearance on this site does not imply AFSA endorsement. Listings are in alphabetical order.

After School Plans

  • Website: afterschoolplans.com
  • Email: afterschoolplans@gmail.com
  • Category: Education
  • About: We provide education services for expats including our American-History-in-a-Box program, personalized Gifted and Talented courses, and relocation resources. All of our courses are literature focused, standards based, and created by U.S. certified educators. Our books include the "Relocation Workbook for Kids," "Embassy Kids Coloring Book," and "Kids on the Move: 25 Activities to Help Kids Connect, Reflect, and Thrive Around the World." We also work with international schools to create and support after school programs in U.S. history.

Ambo International Real Estate

  • Website: www.ambointernationalre.com
  • Email: mary@ambointernationalre.com
  • Phone: (703) 223-4878
  • Category: Real Estate Investing and Education
  • About: Ambo International Investing was founded by Mary Pearce and Maureen Mccann, two women with a singular goal: to reinvent the investment process for FSOs and their families. Pairing Mary’s insider knowledge of the FSOs community with Maureen’s broad industry experience, Ambo International Investing is a company built to address the unique investment challenges faced by FSOs stationed abroad. Our service aims to educate and facilitate, taking the guesswork out of investing so you can take back control of your investments - and your time. How Foreign Service Officers Can Generate Consistent Passive Income Through U.S. Real Estate Investments From Anywhere In The World. Free Masterclass: Investing in U.S. Real Estate from Overseas covers: How To Identify The Right Markets and Teams, 5 Ways Real Estate Investments Produce Big Returns, and Build Wealth Using Other People’s Money (OPM).

Atlas Corps

  • Website: www.atlascorps.org
  • Email: scott@atlascorps.org
  • Social Media: www.facebook.com/atlascorps
  • Phone: (202) 509-5363
  • Address: 99 M St SE, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20003
  • Category: Nonprofit (International Education)
  • About: Atlas Corps is a leadership development and international exchange (J-1 visa) program for the world's best social change leaders. We have supported 700 leaders from 94 different countries since our founding in 2006. We serve as a partner for Public Affairs Sections who are seeking an innovative, public-private partnership model to develop civil society in their countries, (2) we are an opportunity for nonprofits in the U.S. to receive diverse talent on their teams as part of their on-the-job training fellowships, and (3) we are an organization that has multiple volunteer opportunities for members of the FS-community who are seeking to give back to the world. Please learn more at www.atlascorps.org and facebook.com/atlascorps or contact the Founder and CEO (and EFM/FS-Spouse), Scott Beale, at scott@atlascorps.org.

Ann Aubrey, Editor and Writing Coach

  • Website: www.annaubrey.com
  • Email: ann@annaubrey.com
  • Phone: (858) 499-1906
  • Address: 945 Crown Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93111
  • Category: Book Writing and Memoirs
  • About: As the trailing spouse of a Foreign Service Officer for 12 years, I have lived and experienced life abroad. As a book editor and writing coach of 20 years, I have the chops to help you tell your story of life in the Foreign Service, as a book-length memoir or as fiction or nonfiction. Your story is your legacy. I can guide you in writing that legacy.

Beauty Counter

  • Website: www.beautycounter.com/raquelmiranda
  • Email: beautycounterbyraquel@yahoo.com
  • Phone: (202) 999-2382
  • Address: P.O. Box 17000, El Paso, TX 79917
  • Category: Self-Care, Beauty Care, Online Sales
  • About: We are leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. Formulate, advocate, and educate—that’s our motto for creating products that truly perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Why? Beauty should be good for you.

Best Rest Families, LLC

  • Website: www.BestRestFamilies.com
  • Email: Ingrid@BestRestFamilies.com
  • Category: Education / Counseling
  • About: Sleep plays a vital role in our health and well-being, so when your child is having trouble falling asleep and is up multiple times in the night, it can impact everyone in the family. The goal of Best Rest Families, LLC. is to provide each family with the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need, to get the sleep they deserve. A personalized sleep plan is crafted for each family and each unique situation because each family has different goals and needs. Whether you are co-sleeping, roomsharing or your child is in their own room, we can find a strategy that will work for you.

Bird of Paradise Resort

  • Website: www.birdofparadiseresort.com
  • Email: sales@birdofparadiseresort.com
  • Phone: (310) 929-5123
  • Category: Women’s Clothing / Sustainable Fashion
  • About: Bird of Paradise Resort fashion is an example of genuine style in this fast-paced world because quality goes hand-in-hand with honesty and integrity. We promote sustainable designer fashion by conscientiously sourcing all materials and components. This practice goes into every design we create to minimize the impact on the precious, natural resources of our beautiful planet. With integrity and the future in mind, we use only eco-friendly materials sourced from traceable and fair-trade suppliers. We create modern, yet feminine, pieces that have longevity rather than fleeting fads that are disposed of after the trend ends. Bird of Paradise Resort gives women a chance to feel and look more beautiful–in harmony with their own self and the nature surrounding them.

Books First

Books of the World

  • Website: BooksWorld.biz
  • Email: BooksWorld64@gmail.com
  • Category: Retail / Used Books
  • About: Second-hand books from around the world. Everything from cheap popular novels to obscure academic texts. Collections include fiction, science fiction, mysteries and thrillers, cookbooks, children's books, area studies, history, political science, and more. Discounts available for multi-volume purchases.

Bridge of Gold, LLC

  • Email: blaney2000@yahoo.com
  • Category: Entertainment
  • About: Screenplay writing company for movies and television.

The Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast, LLC

  • Website: www.cambridgehousebandb.com
  • Email: info@cambridgehousebandb.com
  • Phone: (410) 221-7700
  • Address: 112 High Street, Cambridge, Maryland 21613
  • Category: Hospitality
  • About: Located in the historic district of Cambridge, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this 1847 sea captain’s manor has six large guest rooms, uniquely decorated with period-style furnishings and each with its own private bath. After a restful night’s sleep, enjoy a delicious full breakfast overlooking the garden pond. We employ eco-friendly practices as diligently as possible, including energy and water conservation, recycling, composting, and buying local/organic. Cambridge House is conveniently located within walking distance of the water, shops, restaurants, galleries, and museums.

Career Valet

  • Website: www.careervalet.com
  • Email: myeager@careervalet.com
  • Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/marcelleyeager
  • Category: Career Services
  • About: Career Valet helps launch professionals to the next level of their careers by teasing out what’s important from their professional background to present the best narrative on paper and online, aligned with target jobs. Ninety-two percent of clients actively job searching land interviews within weeks of working with Career Valet and 73% of those interviewing accepted a new job. To learn more about their services or set up a complimentary consultation, visit www.careervalet.com.

Carolyn Connell Real Estate

  • Website: carolynconnell.com
  • Email: carolyn@carolynconnell.com
  • Phone: (703) 401-3062 / (703) 636-7300
  • Category: Real Estate
  • About: As a realtor in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area for 25 years, I’ve had the honor of guiding hundreds of people through the often overwhelming process of buying and selling their homes. And, as a member of a foreign service family for 22 years, I have a deeply personal understanding of all of the elements of a move: the chaos of packing, the mixed emotions of moving to a new place, sadness of leaving friends and family behind, excitement about the adventure ahead. Everyone deserves to feel cared for and fully supported during this important transition, and I am grateful for the privilege of helping to guide my clients through the process. I believe that homes are more than structures; they are safe havens for a family's souls, their dreams, their cherished memories, future experiences and friends. I believe that true success is about building and nurturing long-term relationships. I stay in touch long after the sale is complete, advising and connecting them with resources they need to enjoy and improve their homes.I believe in the importance of creating a sense of community and fun, bringing people together through parties and events.

Creative Ideation

  • Website: www.creative-ideation.com
  • Email: Serena@creative-ideation.com
  • Phone: (202) 642-1516
  • Category: Photography and Videography
  • About: Serena Kefayeh combines her expertise in visual storytelling with her background in strategic communication to create unique photos and videos that connect with her clients' mission, message, and audience. She thrives on collaborating with her clients on different projects from food, product and marketing photos, promotional videos to family photos and headshots. Serena received a B.A. from the University of Virginia, an M.A. in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Digital and Visual Communication from Georgetown University. Not sure what you need? Drop her a line and she'd be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you.

Chef Lowell

  • Website: www.cheflowell.com
  • Email: info@cheflowell.com
  • Phone: (404) 852-3413
  • Address: 3260 Main Street, College Park, GA 30337 (available to travel nationally and internationally for events)
  • Category: Catering and Meal Plans
  • About: Dining-in with Chef Lowell is designed to fit the needs of people with very active lifestyles. We are committed to assisting with easing demanding schedules by preparing and delivering balanced meals that everyone will enjoy. Dining-in with Chef Lowell provides an exclusive culinary experience by allowing you to save time on grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up. Additionally, aiming to recreate the feeling of family-style dinners, we are committed to serving up both beautiful and delicious meals for you and your guests at your special occasions. From our variety of pasta dishes to our hot seafood entrees, we have something for everyone and guarantee that you will love our masterpieces!

Civil War Books / Lectures by Gene Schmiel, Ph.D.

  • Website: civilwarhistory-geneschmiel.com
  • Email: geneofva@gmail.com
  • Category: Education, History
  • About: Gene Schmiel's Civil War books and lectures bring greater understanding and insight into not only the war, but also its many implications for American life. Gene's three books include the award-winning "Citizen-General, Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era" and a unique look at the battle of Antietam, 'Lincoln, Antietam and a Northern Lost Cause," which received plaudits from eminent historian James McPherson. Gene has lectured on a variety of Civil War topics throughout the U.S., and he is open to new opportunities. His web-site lists both his books and how to buy them at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00HV4SSWK as well as his lecture topics and where he has spoken in the last three years. Gene has a Ph.D. degree in History from Ohio State and was an Assistant Professor of History. He was an FSO for 24 years and currently works as a WAE for the Department.

Creole & Cajun Cuisine

  • Website: www.creoleandcajun.com
  • Email: info@creoleandcajun.com
  • Phone: (337) 509-0515
  • Category: E-Commerce / Foods
  • About: Creole & Cajun Cuisine is your one-stop shop for all of your favorite Creole and Cajun food items that you may not be able to find at your local grocery store. This site is meant to serve not only those who love and miss Cajun food, but also those who have been wanting to try it out.

David Otalvaro Photography

  • Website: otalvarodavid.wixsite.com/mysite
  • Email: otalvarodavid@gmail.com
  • Category: Photography
  • About: David Otalvaro is a freelance photographer specializing in candid and portrait photography for families, individuals and groups. He can set up shoots indoors in a studio format, or outdoors, including weddings and parties. He also takes architectural and nature photos. He is available for contracts in the D.C. area. Please contact him at otalvarodavid@gmail.com, or through his website at otalvarodavid.wixsite.com/mysite, where you will also find examples of his recent work.

Done By Native, LLC

  • Website: www.donebynative.com
  • Email: info@donebynative.com
  • Phone: (571) 482-9277
  • Category: Education / Language Services / Translation
  • About: Done By Native is a language services provider. Our goal is to help people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in learning the Arabic language and its associated cultures. We provide services to help acquire the skills necessary to operate in an Arabic speaking country. Our class structures and teaching methods are unique and cater to each students' specific needs, ensuring the best outcome. We proudly run and manage the Post Language Programs at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan and the Post Language Program at the US Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

English for the Job, LLC

  • Website: www.englishforthejob.com
  • Email: maryanna@englishforthejob.com
  • Phone: (828) 743-8770
  • Address: 115 Dogwood Knob, Unit 9A (P.O. Box 223) Sapphire, NC 28774
  • Category: Education and Contractor
  • About: English for the Job, LLC is owned and operated by EFM, Maryanna Koehring. Maryanna Koehring has a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with over 25 years of expertise in the field. From post language program development and implementation, curriculum design, business writing and customer service workshops, Maryanna Koehring travels to your post to help Locally-Employed Staff increase English language skills and overall work production. Her pride is in documented English language level increases among LE Staff that have translated into higher-level positions within the US Embassy. Contact her for a sample cost proposal.

Field Focus, LLC

  • Website: www.fieldfocusllc.com
  • Email: tracy.swift@fieldfocusllc.com
  • Phone: (202) 436-9623
  • Address: 6564 Loisdale Ct Ste 600-V, Springfield, VA 22150
  • Category: Consulting
  • About: Field Focus provides consulting services to USAID missions worldwide. A woman owned small business started by two EFMs and former USAID contracting officers, we have provided acquisition and assistance advice, support, and training to over 16 missions since 2014. We are experts in strategic planning, the USAID program cycle, HR best practices, proposal evaluation and cost analysis, and grants and contract administration and compliance.

Fierce After 45

  • Website: www.fierceafter45.com
  • Email: patricia@fierceafter45.com
  • Phone: (703) 655-0670
  • Category: Health and Wellness
  • About: Do you know intellectually what to do to improve your health, but you have trouble sticking to your plan? As a transformational health coach, I work with my clients to find enjoyable, sustainable ways to adopt healthier habits, lose weight if needed, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being. Affordable packages include weekly virtual or in-person meetings, assessments, materials, and check-ins as desired. Free consultations.

Gemparcel Inc.

  • Website: www.facebook.com/Gemparcel.Inc / www.instagram.com/gemparcel
  • Phone: (714) 261-7480 / (540) 277-2053
  • Address: 23 E. Main Street (Upper Level), Berryville, VA 22611
  • Category: Jewelry and Watches
  • About: Gemparcel trades in premium quality colored stones and diamonds market. And also creates fine custom made jewelry. Authorized Seiko watch retailer and vintage watches.

Global Nomad English

  • Website: www.GlobalNomadEnglish.com
  • Email: global.nomad.english@gmail.com
  • Category: Education / Tutoring
  • About: Expat life defaults to English and if you’re not fluent, you can miss out on both social and professional opportunities. I provide online English language tutoring for diplomatic spouses and other expats who want to improve their conversational fluency. My years of experience and encouraging teaching style can give you the skills and confidence you need to better integrate into the global community and apply for a broader range of jobs. In addition, I offer custom writing coaching for both native and non-native English users who want to strengthen their writing style: from coaching diplomats in results-oriented evaluation writing, to helping EFMs pass FSOT and HR assessments, to preparing third-culture kids for university academic writing. All of my tutoring is conveniently online at times that work for your schedule. Please contact me for a friendly, free online consult to get started!

Go Viajante Travel

  • Website: goviajantetravel.com
  • Email: yara.escobar1@gmail.com
  • Category: Travel Services
  • About: Flight and accommodation price comparison and booking site that allows you to compare flights and hotel prices and easily book within just a few clicks. We consolidate the largest booking websites in one place to ensure you find the best deals.


  • Website: www.handskegloves.com
  • Phone: (915) 356-6232
  • Category: Activities, Sports, Recreation, Sportswear
  • About: Ard Kessels is an EFM and the founder of Handske. Bid farewell to boring gloves- Handske is changing the game. Handske works with artists to make colorful, creative designs for gloves that are perfect for a cool day or freezing temperatures. Although Handske’s target market is the cycling community because of the grip, the gloves are perfect for driving, walking the dog or simply hanging out at the park. All purchases are consumer direct online at www.handskegloves.com.

Huong Diep, PsyD, ABPP: Board Certified Psychologist for FSO/EFMs

  • Website: www.drhdiep.com
  • Email: info@drhdiep.com
  • Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/drhdiep
  • Category: Counseling / Therapy
  • About: Dr. Huong Diep (she/her) is a Vietnamese-American, trilingual, third culture kid (TCK) who is trained as a board-certified psychologist. She specializes in global mental health utilizing a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed model that promotes strength and resiliency. Dr. Diep graduated from UCLA and the University of Denver with an emphasis in International Disaster Psychology and is licensed in the states of CA, NV, and NY (and provides tele-health services to folks stationed at posts abroad). Her international experiences includes serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru and living and working in hardship posts as an EFM. Dr. Diep is passionate about providing individual therapy/consulting to other FSOs/EFMs/global nomads, especially those from under-represented and marginalized communities. Reach out to her for a complimentary consultation to learn more about her and her practice.

Interior Evolution DC

JaggedLines Publishing, LLC

  • Website: jaggedlinesmagazine.com
  • Email: sara@jaggedlinesmagazine.com
  • Social Media: www.facebook.com/groups/jaggedlines
  • Category: Media and Publishing (Autism)
  • About: We are excited to introduce you to JaggedLines Magazine, a dedicated publication providing valuable resources and support for families raising autistic children while living abroad. Our platform caters to the unique challenges of parenting an autistic child in a foreign country, offering guidance, inspiration, and a supportive community. Join us on Facebook to connect with families who share similar experiences and understand the intricacies of raising an autistic child while navigating the complexities of living abroad here: www.facebook.com/groups/jaggedlines. Through our articles, expert advice, personal stories, and practical tips, we empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to provide the best possible support for your child. JaggedLines Magazine covers a wide range of topics, including therapies, educational resources, cultural adaptation, and community connections. Share your own stories and experiences to offer valuable insights and support to others facing similar situations here: jaggedlinesmagazine.com/submissions.

Katie Stowe Properties

  • Website: katiestowe.com
  • Phone: (703) 991-9766
  • Address: 1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd., Ste 350, McLean, VA 22101
  • Category: Real Estate
  • About: When it comes to one of your biggest financial decisions, you can’t afford second best. I am a Foreign Service spouse, and my team and I specialize in working with the Foreign Service Community. It takes experience and knowledge to guide you through the many real estate obstacles. Our team cares deeply about our Foreign Service and Government Family and does everything we can to achieve your short and long-term goals. Licensed in DC | MD | VA.


  • Website: www.kogel.cc
  • Phone: (915) 777-5666
  • Category: Activities, Sports, Recreation
  • About: Ard Kessels is an EFM and the founder of Kogel. Kogel offers high quality ceramic bearings, pulleys and derailleurs for road and mountain bikes. Kogel products are available in select bike retailers and can be purchased consumer direct online at www.kogel.cc.

Krozel Capital

  • Website: www.krozelcapital.com
  • Email: info@krozelcapital.com
  • Phone: (480) 702-2301
  • Address: 6424 E Greenway Pkwy Ste 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
  • Category: Taxes, Investments, Financial Planning
  • About: We are an EFM owned company specializing in foreign service, military, expat and international clients. We help our clients stay U.S. tax compliant and can also provide fee-only financial planning and investment management through Krozel Capital Management, a licensed Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We are proud to serve in a fiduciary capacity which means we are legally required to act in our clients best interests and do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales.

Learning Specialists, LLC

  • Website: www.learningspecialists.org
  • Email: contact@barbarahong.com
  • Category: Education Consultant; Professor
  • About: We consult with parents and educators at all levels to understand how to work with students with disabilities, particularly in the area of reading, writing, handwriting, and spelling. We also coach students on critical life skills in developing self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-regulation. Our mission is to help students learn to take charge of their own learning and direct their own lives in a productive and meaningful way.

Lexpat Global Services, LLC

  • Website: www.lexpatglobal.com
  • Email: info@lexpatglobal.com
  • Category: Law and Consulting
  • About: Lexpat (a contraction of the Latin “lex” and “expatriate”) was founded by two EFM lawyers who are experts on national and international security issues. We and our team of investigators, analysts, and program officers provide our clients with premier expertise in matters related to international law, investigations, and compliance. We also leverage our unique professional, geographic, and cultural experiences to consult on and implement rule of law and capacity-building programs for USG agencies, International Organizations, and NGOs.

Logbook Financial Planning

  • Website: www.logbookfp.com
  • Email: info@logbookfp.com
  • Phone: (888) 651-2317
  • Address: 68 Main Street, Rockport, ME 04856
  • Category: Financial Planning
  • About: Chris Cortese is a former Air Force and airline pilot and Foreign Service Officer and diplomat turned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Chris founded Logbook Financial Planning to be the HOME for public servants. Logbook serves the people who make our world a better place, make our communities stronger and those who want to give their lives more purpose. We call them the Defenders, the Dauntless & the Dreamers. Join us! We offer you a partnership that fits into your busy life through technology and convenient hours no matter where you are in the world.

LVL-Up Strategies

  • Website: www.lvlupstrategies.com/
  • Email: hello@lvlupstrategies.com
  • Phone: (844) 720-1498
  • Address: 1100 N Glebe Rd, Ste 1010, Arlington, VA 22201
  • Category: Business Consulting
  • About: LVL-Up Strategies is a minority, woman-owned small business based out of Arlington, Virginia that focuses on consulting and implementing strategies for small businesses and teams within larger businesses. We work with driven leaders in the small business, startup, non-profit communities, as well as government agencies to get them to their next level through strategy, planning, and actual implementation of the work that they need – whether that’s in marketing or operations. LVL-Up offers their clients strategic planning, operations design, marketing and sales plans, business guidance, and plan implementation. A key differentiator for LVL-Up is that it was founded and is run by 2 State Department spouses (EFMs) and our staff is uniquely composed of military and State Department spouses who too frequently battle stagnant career opportunities as they support their significant others’ international jobs. Military and foreign service partners are talented, educated individuals with a lifetime of experience and passion, as are entrepreneurs. This symbiotic connection of a driven workforce and driven clients is critical to LVL-Up Strategies’ strategic approach.


  • Website: MoneyByLisa.com
  • Email: Lisa@MoneyByLisa.com
  • Category: Financial
  • About: MoneyByLisa offers one-on-one counseling that addresses a variety of personal finance matters: Accountability for spending & saving; Managing debt; Planning for retirement and financial independence; Strategies to meet the cost of higher education, and; Approaching major life transitions. I am an investment adviser domiciled in the District of Columbia. While I do not manage investment assets on behalf of clients, I do provide guidance on investment-related topics as part of an overall approach to achieving financial wellness.

Mozark Fishscapes, LLC

  • Website: www.mozarkfishscapes.com
  • Email: bookings@mozarkfishscapes.com
  • Phone: (870) 754-0820
  • Category: Leisure / Tourism / Outdoor Sports
  • About: Mozark Fishscapes LLC provides professional fishing guide services in southern Missouri and northwest Arkansas. Whether you are an avid fisherman/woman, or casting a line for the first time, we will ensure you have a memorable and exciting trip, complete with digital photos of your trophy catches! We provide all the equipment you need including rods, reels, lures, and life jackets and use state of the art Lowrance equipment to get you "on fish" as soon as possible. Your fishing trip also includes light snacks and soft drinks. Trips are four, six, or eight hours and depart from the boat dock of your choosing.

Muse Vineyards

  • Website: www.musevineyards.com
  • Email: sally@musevineyards.com
  • Phone: (540) 459-7033
  • Address: 16 Serendipity Lane, Woodstock, VA 22664
  • Category: Farm Winery
  • About: Muse Vineyards is a domain vineyard, winery, and tasting room owned by former Ambassador Sally Grooms Cowal and her husband Robert Muse. Located 80 miles from the Capital Beltway we are open to the public from Thursday-Monday (check website for hours) and by appointment. Our wines are nationally and internationally recognized and include French and Italian varietals planted on 32 acres of vineyard. A wine club provides special events, first opportunity to provide new releases, and free tastings for members and guests. We ship wine to 36 states. Please come out and pay us a visit. Dogs and children are welcome.

Odlum Global Strategies

  • Website: odlumglobal.com
  • Email: geoff@Odlumglobal.com
  • Phone: (703) 395-9657
  • Category: National security and technology policy consultancy
  • About: Odlum Global Strategies (OGS) was established in January 2018 by Geoffrey Odlum, a recently retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer with 28 years experience in national security and international affairs. OGS welcomes clients from government, industry, and the non-profit and NGO sectors. We offer creative problem-solving strategies; global network-building assistance; and carefully-researched geopolitical analysis and political risk investment advice. We apply extensive diplomatic, policy, and national security expertise to help governments, foundations, companies and non-profits build global partnerships and solve hard global challenges. With both U.S. and European nationals on staff we offer worldwide availability and access.

Online Therapy International

  • Website: drfae.com
  • Email: drfaefrederick@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram @drfaefrederick
  • Category: Counseling / Therapy
  • About: Dr. Fae Frederick is an American Psychologist providing culturally sensitive individual therapy services and online workshops to adults serving abroad. She uses an active approach to help her clients through life transitions, identity & value exploration/alignment, strengthening relationships, and rewriting unhelpful narratives. You don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from therapy. Therapy can be a preventative service to assist with persistent stress, burnout, anger, anxiety, sleep issues, and/or emotional numbness. Dr. Fae’s HIPAA compliant online system simplifies meetings, documentation, and scheduling. Visit drfae.com for free resources, to learn more about Dr. Fae, and to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Oxana Arvintii Design

  • Website: www.oxanaarvintii.com
  • Email: oxana.arvintii@gmail.com
  • Phone: (619) 366-2092
  • Category: Business Services / Graphic Design and Illustration Services
  • About: Oxana Arvintii is a graphic designer and illustrator with a prior life in private equity finance. She has extensive experience offering graphic design and illustration services, helping her clients with needs such as branding, logo, identity design, website and app design, UX/UI, brochures, posters, social media ads, campaigns, powerpoint presentations, reports, editorial design, typesetting and layout, print and web illustrations, infographics and more. Check out her portfolio at oxanaarvintii.com and get in touch.

Phyllis Chestang, small, woman and minority-owned/certified & Second Wind, 501c3, non-profit for education & community

  • Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYB4J33dbt0&t=20s
  • Email: peachtree5319@gmail.com
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter #pchestang
  • Address: 2271 N. Lake Ave., 6489, Altadena, CA 91003
  • Category: Education - Supplemental Materials
  • About: E books and limited print for university and adult education on Social Change, Human Behavior, Organizations and Systems, Corporate Finance, Organizational Change (s), and Global Engineering Management (including internet, cybersecurity, plagues and pandemics). Short story trilogies about infections disease-laboratory-management, social gathering and airlines.

The REI Concierge

  • Website: www.thereiconcierge.com
  • Email: info@thereiconcierge.com / tim@thereiconcierge.com
  • Category: Real Estate
  • About: The REI Concierge helps Americans living abroad to invest in real estate back in the US. We help our clients develop a strategy, establish a risk tolerance, and understand the fundamentals of the real estate business. We then partner with them to help them to pick a market, analyze properties, and introduce them to our well-established partner network of real estate professionals back in the US. We help new investors bridge the gap between their investment goals, and the purchase of their first property/ies, back home all while living abroad. We walk our fellow expats through the process every step of the way.

RS Gonzales

  • Website: www.rsgonzales.com
  • Email: hello@rsgonzales.com
  • Phone: (202) 400-2644
  • Category: Marketing and Technology
  • About: RS Gonzales provides an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for local, service based businesses. Generate more leads and close more deals with our powerful combination of digital marketing, outbound sales and workflow automation. Grow your small business affordably and efficiently with all the tools and services you need in one place, and gain the freedom to focus on the parts of your business you love.

Sam Headshots

  • Website: samheadshots.com
  • Email: sam@samheadshots.com
  • Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/samheadshots | www.facebook.com/samheadshots
  • Phone: (202) 669-2239
  • Address:6153 Fuller Ct, Alexandria, VA 22310
  • Category: Media / Marketing / Photo / Video
  • About: Sam Headshots provides high quality headshots and portraits for work and social media profiles. Sam helps you create a great first impression that adds to your success at work. In addition to headshots and portraits, Sam Headshots also provides personal branding, business branding, corporate portraits and headshots, LinkedIn headshots and portraits, and product photography. Sam Headshots also provides short and long form videos for businesses and individuals who are looking to market their products and services.

Satori Sounds

  • Website: www.satorisounds.net
  • Email: info@satorisounds.net
  • Phone: (305) 389-9399
  • Address: 12355 NE 13th Ave Ste. 205, North Miami FL, 33161
  • Category: Audio Visual / Live Music
  • About: Satori Sounds and Events specializes in audio/visual, live music performance and event production for corporate and social events of all sizes. Based in Miami, all the members of our uniquely qualified team pride themselves on the delivery of exceptional on-site audio and visual content for audiences of any size. With the team’s background in the science of sound, event and production planning, years of performance, and studio knowledge comes versatility to craft the highest quality event, media, and audio visual experiences.

Smart Money Management-VA, LLC

  • Website: www.smartmoneymgt-va.com
  • Email: valerie@smartmoneymgt-va.com
  • Phone: (703) 609-1717
  • Category: Financial / Counseling
  • About: I am a Daily Money Manager (DMM) and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). I work with seniors in their homes or communities who need assistance with bill paying, organization, insurance claims processing, and organization of tax documents. I liaise with them and their families (who may be overseas or living in other parts of the United States) as well as their legal, tax, and investment professionals. I can be your eyes and ears with your parents when you can’t be there. Please visit my web page to find out more about me and www.AADMM.com to find out more about my profession and to find a DMM near your parents or anyone you believe could use this type of assistance.

Songs for Easy Heroes

  • Website: www.easyheroes.com
  • Email: easyhero@aol.com
  • Phone: (571) 319-2496
  • Address: Rio Rancho, NM
  • Category: Music / Arts / Entertainment
  • About: Michael R. J. Roth has been called “a cool dark troubadour…a modern day poet not unlike Townes Van Zandt” and “a Jedi songwriter” whose songs display “unique and exceptional lyric writing” with “a real John Prine feel.” Lori McKenna called him “brilliant.” Roth was the winner of the 2019 NSAI Song Contest for lyrics and received a Gold Award for lyrics from the Songwriters Association of Washington. He has received other First Place awards from the Unisong International Song Contest, the Austin Songwriters Group, the Dallas Songwriters Association, and is in the Great American Song Hall of Fame. The Nashville Songwriters Association International named him “One to Watch.”

South Main Book Company

  • Website: southmainbookcompany.com
  • Email: southmainbookcompany@gmail.com
  • Phone: (704) 569-4270
  • Address: 110 S. Main St. Salisbury, NC 28144
  • Category: Retail
  • About: Located in the heart of historic downtown Salisbury, NC, South Main Book Company provides a carefully-curated selection of locally authored titles, new books, literary memorabilia, and keepsakes. Salisbury is home to several universities, a symphony, several live theaters and a vibrant arts district. South Main Book Company has over 3000 ft2 of retail space with mezzanine, outdoor patio, and basement seating areas for large or intimate literary and musical events.

Starr Opinion Research

  • Website: starr-research.com
  • Email: jstarr@starr-research.com
  • Category: Strategic Consulting, Measurement and Evaluation, Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • About: Joshua Starr is a strategist and communications specialist with expertise in opinion research. He has counseled political campaigns, national not-for-profits, and corporations since 1994. Starr Opinion Research guides organizations through marketing, communications, and public affairs challenges. We conduct primary research (typically surveys and focus groups) to assess critical elements necessary to create a plan of action – often to influence awareness, knowledge and behaviors. We also provide critical measurement and evaluation of programs.

Still Waters Global, LLC

  • Website: www.stillwatersglobal.org
  • Email: info@stillwatersglobal.org
  • Phone: (828) 747-3158
  • Address: 103 Black Mountain Avenue, Black Mountain, NC 28711
  • Category: Organizational Consulting / Behavioral Health Care Consultation
  • About: Staff care consultation for NGOs and governmental organizations. Clinical work managed through partner Still Waters Clinical PLLC which offers short term clinical consultation for non-emergency concerns regarding behavioral health. Motto: "Behavioral health care for global workers." Medical consultation limited to residents of Virginia and North Carolina. Owner: Samuel Thielman, M.D., Ph.D., retired RMO/P.

Suchan International Consulting, LLC

  • Email: gsuchan@commonwealthconsulting.com
  • Phone: (571) 289-5364
  • Address: 598 Overlook Drive, Flat Rock NC 28731
  • Category: Consultation
  • About: Greg Suchan was a Foreign Service Officer for 34 years (1973-2007). During his last seven years at State, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Political Military Affairs Bureau (PM). As DAS, his responsibilities primarily concerned arms transfers, including defense trade controls. Since his retirement from government, Suchan he has consulted with many firms, large and small, on matters relating to PM's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


  • Website: www.facebook.com/susanmalcikATX
  • Email: susan_malcik@hotmail.com
  • Phone: (512) 937-8539
  • Address: Austin, TX
  • Category: Products / Services
  • About: Since retiring from the Foreign Service in 2015 and returning to Austin, Texas, I have released my creative forces and become a one-woman cottage industry. Besides my primary interest, textile design based on my photography and artwork, I also make jewelry with antique, vintage, and curious contemporary beads and women's clothing suited to warm climates. I am currently focusing on making and selling nonmedical cloth masks in three styles: fitted, pleated, and stretch tubes.

Thomas M. Farley, LLC

  • Website: www.BHHSFloridaRealty.com
  • Email: TomFarley@BHHSFloridaRealty.net
  • Address: 24880 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 1, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
  • Category: Real Estate
  • About: FLORIDA’S PARADISE COAST—Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero. Excellent amenities, activities, cultural events in beautiful Southwest Florida. Outstanding home values. Thomas M. Farley, LLC. Retired SFS. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty.

Tungsten Prep

  • Website: www.tungstenprep.com
  • Email: info@tungstenprep.com
  • Phone: (202) 810-2003
  • Category: Education
  • About: Tungsten Prep provides academic tutoring and standardized test prep to middle school and high school students. We work with students in-home in the Washington, DC area and online throughout the United States and abroad. Raising two children overseas, FSOs Sarah and Robert Gonzales understand how frustrating it can be for Foreign Service families to ensure all learners receive consistent and high-quality academic support that helps them successfully return to the U.S. school system and thrive in college. Our diverse team of tutors provides students with outstanding, individualized tutoring to fill curriculum gaps during a school transition, shore up COVID-related learning loss, prep for the SAT or ACT, or cover an Advanced Placement curriculum. We can also help families minimize out-of-pocket expenses by providing documentation to help them benefit from the State Department’s Special Needs Education Allowance or the Supplementary Instruction Allowance.

Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo

  • Website: www.virginiadojo.com
  • Email: Virginiadojo@gmail.com
  • Phone: (703) 310-9596
  • Address: 6416 Grovedale Dr. #302-B, Alexandria, VA 22310
  • Category: Martial Arts Education
  • About: Traditional Okinawan Self Defense Karate to be safe, get fit and improve self-control. Whether a man or woman you master natural body movements for proven effective self defense. Study “Kakushite” the hidden hand techniques found in the martial arts yet seldom taught. Classes taught by an 8th Degree Karate Master with over 35 years teaching experience. Military, family and FSO discounts available.

Wildernest Safari Inn

  • Website: www.wildernestsafariinn.com
  • Email: Tom@wildernestsafariinn.com
  • Phone: (571) 286-6275
  • Address: 1054 Wildernest Way, Upper Tract, WV 26866
  • Category: Hospitality
  • About:Wildernest Safari Inn is a six bedroom (each with en suite bathroom) Bed & Breakfast located 11 miles south of Petersburg, WV. The decor reflects an African theme, showcasing the art, crafts and memorabilia collected from Central, Southern and West Africa. The 80-acre wooded property offers hiking trails and fabulous sunset views. The all-inclusive price covers dinner, accommodation and breakfast. Only a three-hour drive from the DMV, the Inn offers an ideal location for a weekend R&R. The Inn is available for exclusive use at a discounted price - the perfect place for a family reunion, get together of friends or celebration of a special occasion. Contact Innkeepers Sonja & Tom for more information.

Windecker Financial Planning, LLC

  • Website: www.WindeckerFP.pro
  • Email: gwindecker@WindeckerFP.Pro
  • Phone: (571) 310-3520
  • Address: PO Box 3325, Merrifield, VA 22116
  • Category: Financial Planning and Investment Advice
  • About: Windecker Financial Planning LLC offers financial planning and investment advisory services that are independent, fiduciary-based, and fee-only. We are not associated or affiliated with any other organization. We operate as an independent investment advisor. We serve only you, our clients, recommending actions to you that we judge are in your best interest. We must disclose to you any conflicts of interest. We are compensated solely by the fees you pay to us. We do not earn commissions, nor do we sell any financial or insurance products. We advise on a range of concerns – cashflow and budgeting, planning for retirement, saving for college education, insurance coverage, home financing, advice on investments, and estate and tax planning.