Education Supplement

Foreign Service families, who move to a different country and culture every few years, face unique educational challenges. Whether it is providing undergraduate education for children at post or in a boarding school, dealing with special needs kids, conducting a college search or maintaining professional skills or attaining new ones for an FS employee or spouse, educational decision-making for FS families is neither easy nor straightforward. To help them navigate, AFSA provides information and resources on options at every educational level.

FSJ Education Supplement

Every June and December, The Foreign Service Journal contains a 30-page supplement with a feature article on an educational issue that affects FS families and information on schools that cater to families based overseas, including an "Education-at-a-Glance" chart that pulls the data and contact information together school-by-school. Contact Molly Long at to have your school participate in the next edition.

This chart, broken down by type of school, is updated with each new edition of the Education Supplement. The purpose of the chart is to assist members and readers in evaluating different schools. Please note that this chart is not a complete guide to schools, but rather a starting point for your research.

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