In Memory/Obituaries

The FSJ’s In Memory department, which is reserved for members of the Foreign Service and their immediate families, is published on alternate months, according to the schedule below. The obituaries average between 300 and 500 words in length, but that is a guideline and not a limit. We do not use photographs. You may write the obituary yourself, or send us the information and we will draft it.

Please be sure to include date, place and cause of death; details of the individual’s Foreign Service career (when entered, postings, when retired); and survivors and where they live. In addition, our readers are very interested in what their colleagues have done in retirement. You may also want to include birthplace, education and any other highlights of the individual's life.

We strongly encourage you to also consider memorializing your loved one through AFSA's new online memorial tribute page, where photos, biographic information and remembrances may be saved for posterity.

Obituaries or inquiries concerning obituaries may be sent by email to, or by snail mail to: The Foreign Service Journal, 2101 E Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20037.

May 2023

  • Janet Beik
  • Thomas Stanley “Stan” Brooks
  • Candis Cunningham
  • Zandra Iona Flemister
  • Jane Catherine Gaffney
  • Roger Kirk
  • Eric Robert Loken
  • Bernardo “Benny” Segura-Girón
  • F. Wayne Tate
  • Lannon Walker

March 2023

  • Bilha Levy Bryant
  • Robert A. Cattell
  • Jeannette John
  • Marilyn Priscilla Johnson
  • Stephen Leavitt Reid
  • Djeswende “Wendy” Pasgo Reid
  • Glenn Alvin Smith
  • Richard “Dick” Davis Harding
  • Marten H.A. van Heuven
  • Helen Weinland
  • David E. Zweifel

January/February 2023

  • Eli William Bizic
  • William L. Jacobsen Jr.
  • Sarah (née Debbink) Langenkamp
  • William David McKinney
  • Samuel Tinsing Mok
  • Shawn Kelly O’Donnell
  • Henry Precht
  • David “Dave” Howard Pritchard
  • George Francis Sherman Jr.
  • Edward Howard “Bear” Winant
  • Jim Wojtasiewicz