Online FS Resources

While AFSA does its best to maintain information on all that may concern the Foreign Service community, we readily admit that we are not always the best resource for each and any issue. To supplement our information, we are happy to provide a constantly-increasing list of excellent online resources for a variety of subjects.

Housing Information

  • Extended Stay Housing Guide
    If you are living in the DC area for an extended period of time, follow this link to find several high quality lodging options and per diem usage rules in DC.
  • Property Management Guide
    If you are in need of Property Management or Real Estate services in DC, Maryland or Virginia, here is a list of great companies.
  • The Foreign Service Clause
    A summary of the Foreign Service Clause, which is a Real Estate clause that helps members of the Foreign Service change their housing situation in the event of a work-related change.

Life in the Foreign Service


Foreign Service-Related Organizations

Pets and the Foreign Service (click for separate page)

Ethics Issues (click for separate page)

Foreign Service Blogs (click for separate page)

International Foreign Affairs Associations

Government-Related Sites

  • Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS)
    DS is responsible for ensuring safety in US foreign policy. DS personnel protect the Secretary of State and important foreign dignitaries visiting the US.
  • Contacting the 118th Congress
    This website links to other sites that provide contact information for elected officials of the United States on all levels (Federal, State, and Local)
  • House Foreign Affairs Committee
    The House Committee on Foreign Affairs considers legislation that impacts the diplomatic community. This website has information on all of the members and actions of the committee. The committee chair during the 118th Congress is Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas).
  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers legislation that impacts the diplomatic community and is charged with oversight of all nominations to foreign affairs agencies and Ambassadorships. This website has information on all of the members and actions of the committee. The committee chair is Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).
  • The White House
    The official website of the White House, this site lays out information about the current administration and its policies on issues.
  • U.S. Embassies
    This website allows you to find every U.S. Embassy, Consulate, and Diplomatic Mission in any country.

Of Professional Interest

Think Tanks and Other Organizations

  • Brookings Institution
    A public policy organization in DC with the mission of conducting in-depth research that creates solutions to local, national, and global issues.
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
    A bipartisan policy research organization that provides strategic insight and policy solutions to decision-makers in DC
  • Foreign Policy Association
    An association that aims to increase awareness and participation of American citizens in the foreign policy process.
  • InterAction
    A collection of nongovernmental organizations working around the world to help improve life conditions for the world’s poor. InterAction is the convener and voice of the NGO community.
  • National Peace Corps Association
    NPCA is the voice of the Peace Corps. NPCA helps members thrive through various programs and advocacy efforts.
  • Global Ties U.S. (formerly NCIV)
    Global Ties US strengthens international relationships by improving global exchange programs. Global Ties US provides its members with connections, leadership development and professional resources.

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