Foreign Service Blogs

(Last Updated 3/20/17)

Below is an extensive—though not comprehensive—list of Foreign Service blogs. This collection is intended as a way to highlight and share the creative talents in our diplomatic and development corps. The blogs give insight into work and life in the U.S. Foreign Service around the world. Students, FS candidates and the general public should find blogs of interest here.

Please note that almost all of these blogs are personal and unofficial and do not represent the views of AFSA or any of the foreign affairs agencies. This list was compiled by Danielle Derbes for the June 2011 The Foreign Service Journal, and is updated regularly. If you know of an FS blog that is not on this list or would like your own blog added or removed, please email You may also want to check out Matt Keene's "Speaking Out" column from the December 2011 issue - "FS Blogging: An Opportunity, Not a Threat." For AFSA’s guidance on personal use of social media, including blogging, please click here.

Note that we update this page frequently; blogs that have not been updated for 4 or more months are removed from the list.

Official Blogs and Resources

  1. Dipnote
  2. Foggy Bottom Rambles (Family Liaison Office resource for unaccompanied tours)

State Department Foreign Service Officers

These are the personal journal blogs of Foreign Service Officers with the Department of State. They cover all FS generalist career tracks: political, public affairs, economic, consular and management—and include everyone from new A-100 new hires to ambassadors.

  1. Address: TBD
  2. Adventures Around the World
  3. Adventures in Good Countries
  4. Books & News: Foreign Service
  5. Deeblog
  6. Journey
  7. Kitty Non Grata
  8. Life After Jerusalem
  9. Notes From Post
  10. Rob Joswiak: American, Veteran, Diplomat
  11. Sadie Abroad
  12. Tabbies in Tow
  13. Ted Cross Blog
  14. The B Files
  15. The Kathmandu Diaries
  16. The Vintage Diplomat
  17. World Wide Matel
  18. You Can Call Me Al

State Department Foreign Service Specialists

These are the personal journal blogs of Foreign Service Specialists.

  1. Are We There Yet?
  2. Inflight Movie
  3. Phenomenal Phnews
  4. Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

USAID Foreign Service Officers

These are the personal journal blogs of Foreign Service officers with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

  1. WoodLand Travels

Foreign Service Spouses and Partners

The spouses and partners of the Foreign Service make terrific bloggers! Their posts contain interesting stories and observations from their everyday lives that demonstrate how cultural differences affect the FS family while abroad. For those applicants considering what impact FS life would have upon their spouse or partner, these blogs will provide a wealth of insight on managing careers, raising children abroad, handling moves and dealing with the other challenges of FS life. They will also provide candid, first-hand accounts of the opportunities that FS life has opened up for the bloggers.

  1. 2 Cats, 7 Continents: Adventures in the Foreign Service
  2. Beyond Kimchee
  3. Beyond the Cornfields
  4. DiploDad
  5. Culture Shock - Staying in the Honeymoon Phase
  6. Em in Jerusalem
  7. Healthy Expat Parent
  8. I'm Here for the Cookies
  9. Inner Beauty
  10. Jenni Goes Global
  11. Just US
  12. La Vie Overseas
  13. Most Eligible Family
  14. Novakistan
  15. Place2place
  16. Schlink Attack
  17. Something Edited This Way Comes
  18. The Expatriate Runner
  19. The Trailing Spouse
  20. The World That We Live In
  21. Two Year Itch
  22. Unaccompanied Baggage
  23. Well, That Was Different

Both Spouses

The both-spouses approach is a popular way for FS couples to communicate their shared experiences. Some of these bloggers are 'tandem couples,' meaning that both the husband and the wife are Foreign Service employees. Their blogs provide two different perspectives on life at their post, as well as insight on the challenges and opportunities that the FS has presented in their relationships.

  1. Abu Halen
  2. Criplomats (tandem)
  3. Diplomatic Mom: My Journey as a FSO, Wife and Mom
  4. The Dubinskys' Travels
  5. Hello Talalay
  6. Jane and Phil and Stuff!
  7. Next Stop.....the World!
  8. The Passport Stamp Collector
  9. Towels Packed, Will Travel
  10. Travel Orders

Foreign Service Families

The family newsletter is a popular form of blogging for FS employees and family members. The family sets up a collective blog to provide an account of their lives for friends and family back home. The FS employee and spouse are usually the main bloggers, with FS kids writing the occasional post. These blogs provide first-hand accounts of family life abroad and raising children in the FS.

  1. Elise and Paul +2
  2. Globehoppers
  3. Kids with Diplomatic Immunity
  4. Sherwood Family Nonsense
  5. Six Abroad
  6. The Blanchard Family

News and Opinion with a Foreign Service Bent

These bloggers synthesize and analyze all the news pertaining to Foreign Service life and U.S. foreign policy. They carefully search through news Web sites, press releases and other Foreign Service blogs to find relevant stories.

  1. The DiploMad 2.0
  2. DiploPundit
  3. Foreign Policy | The Cable
  4. John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, Version 2.0
  5. The Skeptical Bureaucrat
  6. WhirledView

Resources for Unaccompanied Tours

What exactly will it be like when you arrive in Kabul? What challenges will you face in Baghdad? What will all this mean for your family back home? These blogs are accounts of unaccompanied tours from the FS employees who have 'been there, done that.' They offer candid insights and helpful advice on living and working in challenging conditions.

  1. Foggy Bottom Rambles (Family Liaison Office blog for unaccompanied tours)

Retiree Blogs

Former members of the Foreign Service have an entire career's worth of insights on U.S. foreign policy and the internal politics of the countries in which they served. Many of them write high-quality, well-researched posts that provide commentary on current world events. Others reflect upon their experiences as U.S. diplomats.

  1. Diplo Denizen
  2. The DiploMad 2.0
  3. John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, Version 2.0
  4. WhirledView

Critical Blogs

These are blogs that discuss topics related to the Foreign Service from a more critical perspective.

  1. We Meant Well (deals with a variety of foreign policy issues)

Foreign Service Hiring and Career

  1. Foreign Service Test
  2. FSOT Prep
  3. Path to Foreign Service

Just For Fun

  1. Foreign Service Problems