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Extended Stay Housing Guide
Property Management Guide
The Foreign Service Clause
Schedule of Real Estate Firms

Legal Services
Schedule of Legal Services Providers
Comprehensive Attorney List

Taxes/Financial Services
Schedule of Providers

Schedule of Providers

Schedule of Providers


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AFSA Resource Marketplace

Find the Most-Requested Resources from the Overseas Briefing Center

1. FSI’s Transition Center

2. U.S.Department of State Overseas Briefing Center (OBC)

3. Security Overseas Seminars: PSOS, ASOS, SAA, SOS, SOS

4. Transition Center Training homepage for eligible family members and members of household (MOH)

5. International Jobs-Working Overseas

6. Country Information (Bidding Resources)

7. Transition Center Courses

8. Preparing to Go Overseas

9. Pets and International Travel

10. Foreign Service Assignment Notebook: What Do I Do Now?

11. U.S. Department of State Career Transition Center (CTC)

12. Personal Post Insights

13. Elementary School Stuff

14. Arrange Medical Clearance and Immunizations

15. High Stress Assignment Outbrief Program

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Our bookstore now includes titles from the AFSA-Recommended Reading List and the State Department's Suggested Reading List, as well as all of the books listed in the FSJ’s annual compilations of works by Foreign Service–related authors.

AFSA provides an online purchase service in association with!  Though many of these books may be found elsewhere on the Internet and in local bookstores, we encourage you to use the AFSA Bookstore as each sale made through our links to creates revenue for AFSA at no extra cost to the buyer. You can choose from the following categories of books: