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AFSA has bravely entered the world of social media, where we are happy to keep our "friends," "fans," "followers" and others up to date on our activities and on issues of interest to the Foreign Service community. We hope you will join us online.

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We have been on Facebook since October 2009 and have already amassed over 6,500 fans. We post items daily, including event reminders, photos and pertinent news stories. Please become an AFSA fan on Facebook.

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We are tweeting away on Twitter, and hope all those in charge of social media at embassies, missions and consulates are following the AFSA feed. You never know what you might miss otherwise! Subscribe to our Twitter feed.

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AFSA posts videos on YouTube so that our overseas members can "participate" in our events. If you have interesting videos you might want us to post (embassy videos, any FS-related content), please let us know. Become an AFSA subscriber on YouTube.

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We joined Flickr in the summer of 2014. Through Flickr, we share photos from our various events and make them available for anyone who wishes to experience them from afar or even download a copy of a photo of themselves or someone they know. Find us on Flickr!

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AFSA has been on the world's largest professional network for some time now. Connect with us on Linkedin!

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