Recruiting Members at Post

Every year, AFSA's Member Services Department conducts membership drives. This usually involves special mailings, but may require the help of Post Representatives to answer general membership related questions and follow-up.

Because of the transient nature of our membership, chapters naturally experience some ebb and flow of membership numbers. We encourage Post Representatives to conduct their own membership drives during the year (particularly after summer transfer season), and we will provide printed support materials, a sample letter, and current post membership rosters.

Note: Part of the responsibility as Post Rep is ensuring that your post membership roster is accurate. Rosters are generated by the nine digit pouch extension (i.e. 20521-0011) for your post. Those individuals who have not informed AFSA of their pouch address, or those who use a FPO/APO/DPO address will not be on the list. Send an email message, including your name, email address, and post to to receive and electronic update of your roster.

Membership in AFSA:

  • Is a necessary element of true professionalism.
  • Offers important material benefits (grievance guidanceThe Foreign Service Journal, various discounts, access to the members-only section of the website).
  • Is beneficial because AFSA speaks for the interests of the Foreign Service in legislative and administrative matters in Washington, and
  • AFSA is the authorized channel for representation of employees' interests (i.e. negotiating conditions of employment, grievance guidance, legal counseling).

Materials available:

  • Chapter Manual
  • Membership brochures payroll deduction forms
  • AFSA lanyards
  • AFSA pens
  • AFSA tote bags
  • Scholarship brochures
  • AFSANET cards
  • Change of Address cards
  • "What is AFSA?" information packet
  • Magazine discounts
  • Social media handout
  • Information on AFSA awards