Governing Board

Members of the 2023-2025 AFSA Governing Board

The AFSA Governing Board is elected by the membership every two years and is composed of representatives from each AFSA constituency. The entire membership elects three officers - President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each constituency then casts votes for its agency or retiree Vice President and representative positions. Currently, the board has 21 members - in addition to the three officers, there are five Vice Presidents (State, USAID, FAS, FCS, and retiree), six State representatives (one of whom is full-time), one representative each for USAID, FAS, FCS, USAGM and APHIS, and two retiree representatives. Click here for more information about AFSA elections. The board's constitution is governed by the AFSA bylaws. It has been the policy of AFSA boards to seek to be as diverse and representative as possible. The current board’s term ends on July 15, 2025.

The basic responsibilities of a governing board are to set the mission and purpose of the organization, ensure effective planning, select/support and evaluate the chief executive, monitor and strengthen programs and services, ensure adequate financial resources, protect assets and provide financial oversight, build a competent board, ensure legal and ethical integrity and to enhance the organization's public standing. AFSA Governing Board position descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Board represents the entire AFSA membership and encourages comments and suggestions from people in the field. If you are a member of AFSA, we hope you will also consider serving on a future AFSA Governing Board, working on behalf of your colleagues for a two-year term. Click here for bios and photos of the Board members.

President Tom Yazdgerdi
Secretary Sue Saarnio
Treasurer Hon. John O'Keefe
State Vice President Hui Jun Tina Wong
USAID Vice President Randy Chester
FCS Vice President Joshua Burke
FAS Vice President Evan Mangino (appointed 7/1/24)
Retiree Vice President John K. Naland
Full-Time State Representative Gregory Floyd
State Representatives Lynette Behnke
Kimberly Harrington
Kimberly McClure (appointed 4/17/24)
C. Logan Wheeler
Whitney Wiedeman
USAID Representative Christopher Saenger
FCS Alternate Representative Jay Carreiro
FAS Alternate Representative Zeke Spears
USAGM Representative Steve Herman
APHIS Representative Joe Ragole
Retiree Representatives Mary Daly
Edward Stafford

What Are the Duties of Governing Board Members?