Celebrating 100 Years of American Diplomacy


100 Years of American Diplomacy

Celebrate 100 years of the United States Foreign Service through an array of events and activities designed to honor a century of American diplomacy. This centennial anniversary is a testament to the critical role of U.S. diplomacy in shaping a more secure and prosperous global future.

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As we commemorate the centennial of the United States Foreign Service, your support is invaluable. Your donations to our charitable arm, the Fund for American Diplomacy, will bolster our yearlong series of centennial events and initiatives meant to celebrate the collective accomplishments of the Foreign Service while inspiring the next generation of diplomats.


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On May 24, 1924, the Rogers Act established a professional United States Foreign Service—a distinct group of nonpartisan public servants dedicated to advancing America's interests and values abroad. Today, the Foreign Service has expanded into a global network of 16,000 professionals from every state in the nation, serving as America’s eyes and ears on the ground in more than 200 locations worldwide.

This year, we celebrate the centennial of the Foreign Service, a time to honor these committed public servants and to acknowledge their impact on American history. The year ahead also marks 100 years since the founding of the American Foreign Service Association; for the past century, we have been advocating on behalf of the Foreign Service and its people.

Join us as we commemorate these milestones through a series of events and activities meant to celebrate the importance of American diplomacy and honor those who have committed their lives to advancing peace, fostering global cooperation, and promoting the values of freedom and democracy around the world.

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