Educational Partners

What is an educational partner?

AFSA is committed to serving its community, including through an encouragement of educational engagement. To do so, AFSA has created partnerships with the United States Institute of Peace, the New England Innovation Academy, Semester at Sea, and the National Student Leadership Conference. These partner organizations unite with AFSA to offer members and their children unique and powerful educational opportunities as well as help educate the population on the Foreign Service and the important work it does both domestically and abroad.


New England Innovation Academy

NEIA is the first of its kind grade 6 through 12 boarding and day school in Marlborough, MA. This Human Centered Design community is dedicated to preparing the next generation of innovators to pursue their dreams and shape a better world. This innovation-minded school with a global community empowers its students to strive for equity through its project-based and hands-on curriculum that fosters empathy, curiosity, and collaboration and inspires young learners to effect change in the world positively.

“Diversity fuels innovation”: A conviction that has encouraged NEIA to build a community that represents diverse countries, languages, experiences, identities, passions, and talents. Who better to help them build such a community than the AFSA community, which fosters lifelong intellectual and emotional connections with its members and supports local and global communities? The children of the employees and members of the American Foreign Service Association would thrive in NEIA’s educational environment, and to help them do so, NEIA has partnered with us to provide Innovation Scholarships exclusively for our members. The scholarship guarantees a minimum of $10,000, and students remain eligible for additional financial assistance. Apply using fee waiver code AFSA23.

For more information on NEIA and its offerings please follow the links below:

The National Student Leadership Conference

NSLC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, education organization that provides middle and high school students with career-focused summer enrichment programs held in fifteen college campuses around the country. The summer leadership conferences the NSLC offers give students the opportunity to learn from renowned world leaders and academic experts, as well as explore potential career paths while developing critical leadership skills.

The NSLC offers a broad range of conferences for high school students in areas such as business, leadership and community, S.T.E.M., and government and law, including a unique program dedicated to international diplomacy. The NSLC on International Diplomacy is held at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and promises students the opportunity to experience the life of a diplomat in the United Nations Security Council.

AFSA has partnered with the NSLC to provide the runner-up to AFSA’s National High School Essay Contest a full tuition to attend the NSLC on International Diplomacy and learn about international relations, international organizations, international law, human rights, and peace and conflict.

For more information on NSLC please visit their website at

Semester at Sea

SAS provides students the unique opportunity to attend classes while traveling all around the world aboard their floating campus. SAS aims to build a community of global-minded students through hands-on and immersive experiential learning that directly relates to the countries on the itinerary. The coursework that SAS offers strengthens students’ understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and fosters an invaluable global perspective necessary for preparing students to become engaged global citizens.

SAS has partnered with AFSA to grant the winner of AFSA’s National High School Essay Contest full tuition for a study abroad voyage once they are enrolled in a university. The winner will embark on an approximately 100-day study abroad program that will involve taking classes aboard the SAS ship and earning academic credit from Colorado State University, traveling the world during class breaks, and making life-long memories.

For more information on SAS please visit their website at