Foreign Service HS Clubs - Get Involved!

The High School Foreign Service Association

The HSFSA is an association made up of high school clubs that provides students the platform and opportunity to pursue their interests in foreign policy, international affairs, and diplomacy. Through its debate programs, Model UN delegations, and guest speaker series, HSFSA engages students in some of the world’s most pressing issues while raising awareness on the critical role played by the U.S. Foreign Service.


What to Expect from HSFSA

The HSFSA’s goal is to engage like-minded and curious students in animated discussions regarding foreign affairs and diplomacy while allowing them to learn from both experts and each other.

Although each HSFSA Chapter may look different based on the needs and interests of each participating school and its members, the club is generally structured around debates, guest speakers, participation in a Model UN Conference, community service, and fundraising.

The structured debates allow students to explore a variety of topics while they develop skills such as public speaking, research, and critical analysis. The guest speaker series will offer students a glimpse into the lives of those who have dedicated their careers to diplomacy and foreign policy and the opportunity to learn from people who have been involved in some of the world’s most pressing issues. Even though many schools may not have Model UN Clubs, the HSFSA hopes to encourage its members to participate in various MUN Conferences so that students can engage in an educational simulation about diplomacy and the role of the United Nations. Finally, community service and fundraising events are meant to develop bonds between club members, give back to local communities, and help the club cover any costs it may have, such as registration to a MUN Conference.


Start Your Own Chapter

If you are interested in foreign affairs and diplomacy AFSA encourages you to consider starting your own HSFSA Chapter!

The HSFSA website provides useful resources to students hoping to start their own Chapter including a guide, posters, and school announcements.

For more information on why and how to start an HSFSA chapter at your school please follow the links below:

For any additional information please contact the HSFSA directly using the link below:

By posting this information, AFSA does not explicitly endorse the HSFSA.