From the FSJ Archive: FS Spouse Employment

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One Step Ahead for Spouses

by Katrina Ecton, May 1991
A great deal has to be done to assist spouses overseas, but also at home as they struggle with gaps in their résumés and unintelligible job titles.

Unwilling Unemployment

by Barbara Frechette, June 1992
Unwilling to do unpaid “support” work, but unable to find paid roles overseas, what other options are there for Foreign Service spouses?

Helping a Spouse Find Work Abroad

by Francine Modderno, September 1994
More than ever, both partners in dual-income families are demanding meaningful jobs. How does this work with the Foreign Service lifestyle?

The Reality of Foreign Service Spousal Employment

by Shawn Dorman, May 2002
Employment for Foreign Service family members has become an increasingly critical issue for recruiting and retaining employees. But how can it be done?

Family Member Employment: At Work in the Mission

by Shawn Dorman, July-August 2005
A comprehensive look at the employment options available to family members inside U.S. missions overseas.

FLO is Here to Help with Career-Employment Issues

by Donna Ayerst, November 2005
The Family Liaison Office explain how they advocate on behalf of family members and bring their employment concerns to the State Department.

“Virtually” There: FS Spouses Build Careers Without Borders

by Katherine Jacobs and Carolyn Ho, September 2009
More than ever before, Foreign Service spouses and partners are pursuing successful careers in their own right. Here, two FS spouses explain how.

FS Spousal Employment: Slow but Steady Progress

by Shawn Zeller, April 2012
It’s getting easier for Foreign Service family members to find meaningful employment overseas, but there is still a long way to go.

Patience: The Key to Successful EFM Employment

by Jen Dinoia, April 2012
Eligible Family Members can land amazing jobs with the right combination of flexibility, preparation, and, yes, luck.

Local Employment in Mozambique and Brazil

by Raquel Lima Miranda, April 2012
Is it possible to live and work overseas, pursuing a professional career, despite frequent moves? Absolutely!

My So-Called Career

by Francesca Kelly, April 2012
The career you start with probably won’t be the one you end with, explains one Foreign Service spouse.

Going Back to Work: A Step-by-Step Guide for FS Spouses

by Anna Sparks, September 2015
One of the great challenges of Foreign Service life is how an FS spouse can maintain or develop a career. This article provides some practical tips.

Taking on Family Member Employment. Really!

by Debra Blome, July-August 2016
Family member employment is a critical issue for members of the U.S. Foreign Service. The State Department finally seems to be taking it seriously.

Out in the Cold: How the Hiring Freeze Is Affecting Family Member Employment

by Donna Scaramastra Gorman, July-August 2017
Employing family members overseas isn’t just good for morale. It makes financial sense, too, and helps keep our embassies functioning.