The AFSA News section of The Foreign Service Journal began in the 1960s and today remains one of the Journal's most popular sections. It is designed as the voice of AFSA as a labor union and professional association, and highlights association news, activities, and advocacy on behalf of AFSA members and the entire Foreign Service.

In addition to regular columns from the constituency AFSA vice presidents as well as AFSA advocacy, policy, and labor management professional staff, we report on AFSA outreach and education programs, upcoming events, requests for award nominations, scholarships for FS students, professional enrichment opportunities, and so on. We aim to keep readers up to date on what AFSA is working on and reporting on issues of concern to members of the Foreign Service community.

Please reach out to Associate Editor Mark Parkhomenko with questions, suggestions, and information you’d like to see featured in AFSA News. He can be reached at