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For Sharing or Republishing Foreign Service Journal Content

The Foreign Service Journal (FSJ) is published online each month in HTML, FlippingBook, and PDF formats. It is open access.

When sharing or linking to FSJ content online—which we welcome and encourage—please be sure to clearly cite the magazine (The Foreign Service Journal) and the month and year of publication. Include the URL, if possible. When sharing on social media, please tag #FSJ.

Note: While published by the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), The Foreign Service Journal is not interchangeable with AFSA as a source.

The FSJ digital archive goes back to 1919—and is fully searchable. Visit https://afsa.org/fsj-archive.

HTML links to content from November 2013 to today are most easily found on the home page for each edition, through this page: https://afsa.org/featured-content.

For permission to republish FSJ content, including photos and illustrations, in print or online, please email journal@afsa.org.

To reach an author, please email journal@afsa.org.