Foreign Service Champions

AFSA’s Foreign Service Champions Award honors the accomplishments of influential non-career members of the foreign affairs community who have made meaningful contributions to diplomacy and the Foreign Service. AFSA established this award in 2021 to bring greater recognition to those who have demonstrably championed the Foreign Service’s critical role in U.S. foreign policy and have had an enduring and positive impact on the institution of the Foreign Service as well as the diplomatic profession.

By giving this award, AFSA seeks to expand its recognition of individuals who have shown a committed dedication to the Foreign Service and increase the visibility of and support for AFSA’s work outside of the Foreign Service.

The AFSA Governing Board has determined the criteria guidelines to be as follows.

  • The nominees are normally current members of Congress, the military, think tanks, or organizations who are actively engaged with the foreign affairs community, but any non-career individual is eligible to receive the Award for their work.
  • The nominees are considered for their accomplishments throughout their career. Should a nominee be retired from their field, their continued impact on the Foreign Service after retirement must be considered.
  • The nominees must be able to attend the awards ceremony in person.

The presentation takes place during AFSA’s annual Awards Ceremony, typically in October at the Department of State. A distinguished individual who has worked with the recipient is asked to present the award.

For information on these awards, please contact AFSA's Awards and Scholarships Manager Theo Horn at or (202) 719-9705.