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The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2009

July/August 2009

Cover and inside illustrationby Janet Broxon O U O NF i t o THE ROADS ARE CLOSING / 18An improbable liaison that didnt fit into his master plan haunts an aging diplomat.By Patricia McArdleIGLOO OF HAIRLESS WINOS / 23Language barriers pose particularly thorny problem for Charg dAffaires Linus Handy.By Brian AggelerTHE DAY THE AMERICAN EMBASSY BURNED / 28Her father had shown her the world, but she never really saw him. And now he might be gone forever.By Victoria MontesON THE ROAD TO CAPE TOWN / 34An American hitchhiker travels through the moral darkness of apartheid.By Richard SacksF E I A ELUCIUS BATTLE: SHAPER OF THE POSTWAR FOREIGN SERVICE / 40Battle has never received the credit he deserves for helping to transform the State Department. By Bob Rackmales