Nomination Form: AFSA’s Memorial Wall

Do you know of someone who might be considered for inclusion on AFSA’s memorial plaques? The plaques honor members of the Foreign Service (as defined by Section 103(1) through (5) of the Foreign Service Act of 1980) who die while serving abroad under circumstances distinctive to the Foreign Service.

Criteria for Eligibility

Eligibility is limited to deaths occurring overseas due to circumstances distinctive to the Foreign Service, including acts of violence or terrorism. The death may occur at post of assignment or in another location as long as the cause of death was an event or circumstance which occurred while on assignment outside the United States and attributable to the location of assignment.

Eligibility may also include any of the following:

  • travel to or from post and travel at post while in the active performance of official duties;
  • death due to disease related to particular circumstances of overseas assignment;
  • death caused by inadequate medical facilities, defective government equipment or facilities, a natural disaster at an overseas post, or crime at an overseas post.

Deaths involving the decedent’s illegal, negligent, reckless, or selfish behavior are not eligible for inclusion.

The criteria for the addition of a name to the AFSA Memorial Plaque shall be the criteria that applied at the time of the individual’s death.

Honoree Information

Nominator Information

If the death occurred outside of these circumstances, it is most likely their name will not be engraved onto the wall.

Statement of Qualification *

In 300 words or less, please explain how the individual’s death qualifies for inclusion on the memorial wall. Please be specific, making reference to the criteria above. Submissions that do not meet the criteria as stated will not be considered.

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