Virtual AFSA Memorial Plaque

A 12-year research effort ending in 2020 discovered 67 diplomats and consular officers dating back to 1794 whose deaths in circumstances distinctive to overseas service had not been noted on the AFSA Memorial Plaques in the Department of State's C Street lobby. In May 2021, AFSA unveiled new plaques displaying those historical names and providing open space to inscribe the names of future colleagues who die serving our nation abroad. Since then, additional historical deaths have been documented and more are being researched. AFSA is memorializing those earlier colleagues here on this Virtual AFSA Memorial Plaque.

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Osmon E. Henryson
Plane Crash – Suriname 1943


Jeannette LaFrance
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Cairo 1954


Thomas McGrail
Airplane Crash – Pacific Ocean 1957


John A. Nuhn
Vehicle Accident – Thailand 1964