Labor-Management Guidance

The dedicated staff at AFSA's Office of the General Counsel always stands ready to assist our members with any kind of question or problem related, for example, to security clearances or violations, denial of tenure, employment-related performance evaluation, discipline/selection out, etc. They spend much of their time on individual cases—consultations, meetings, grievance representation and so on. We encourage you to know your rights and to seek out our lawyers and advisors whose main task is to represent your interests. We provide grievance counseling and legal assistance free-of-charge to those who have been AFSA members for at least six months.

As you consider your individual situation, many questions may come up. Is this comment on my employee evaluation grievable? How do I find out whether I have the grounds for an EEO complaint? What do I do when DS or the IG show up and want to ask me questions? What are AFSA's rights and responsibilities while representing me? Our labor management team has compiled a selection of general answers to some of these questions, and these are available here for our members. The list is not comprehensive, and some questions may only be answered by speaking to our lawyers and advisors directly. We encourage you to reach out to us. Click here to email the Office of the General Counsel.

The following basic information may be of some assistance as you confront a question or problem.