Appointments - Gerald Ford

Total Appointments: 97
Career Appointments: 60/61.9%
Political Appointments: 37/38.2%

The list below is alphabetized by country name. Click on a letter to jump down to the first country on the list whose name begins with that letter.

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Post Ambassador Career / Political Dates of Service
Algeria Richard B. Parker Career 1974-1977
Argentina No Appointments
Australia and Nauru James Ward Hargrove Political 1976-1977
Austria Wiley Thomas Buchanan Political 1975-1977
Bahamas Seymour Weiss Political 1975-1976
Jack B. Olson Political 1976-1977
Bahrain Wat Tyler Cluverius Career 1976-1978
Bangladesh Edward E. Masters Career 1976-1977
Barbados and Granada Theodore Roosevelt Britton Political 1974-1977
Belgium No Appointments
Benin No Appointments
Bolivia No Appointments
Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland Donald Richard Norland Career 1976-1979
Brazil No Appointments
Bulgaria No Appointments
Burkina Faso No Appointments
Burma No Appointments
Burundi No Appointments
Cambodia No Appointments
Cameroon Herbert John Spiro Political 1975-1977
Canada Thomas Ostrom Enders Career 1975-1979
Central African Republic Anthony Cecil Eden Quainton Career 1976-1978
Chad Edward Southard Little Career 1974-1976
William G. Bradford Career 1976-1979
Chile No Appointments
China George H. W. Bush Political 1974-1975
Thomas Sovereign Gates Political 1976-
Colombia Phillip Victor Sanchez Political 1976-1977
Congo No Appointments
Costa Rica Terence Alphonso Todman Career 1974-1977
Cote d'Ivoire Monteagle Stearns Career 1976-1979
Cyprus William Rex Crawford Career 1974-1978
Czechoslovakia Thomas Ryan Byrne Career 1976-1978
Denmark John Gunther Dean Career 1975-1978
Dominican Republic No Appointments
Ecuador Richard Joseph Bloomfield Career 1976-1978
Egypt No Appointments
El Salvador Ignacio E. Lozano Political 1976-1977
Equatorial Guinea Herbert John Spiro Political 1975-
Ethiopia Arthur William Hummel Career 1975-1976
Fiji No Appointments
Finland Marcus Jacob (Mark Evans) Austad Political 1975-1977
France Kenneth Rush Political 1974-1977
Gabon and São Tomé & Principe Arthur William Hummel Career 1975-1976
Gambia No Appointments
German Democratic Republic John Sherman Cooper Political 1974-1976
Germany Walter John Stoessel Career 1976-1981
Ghana Shirley Jane Temple Black Political 1974-1976
Robert Powell Smith Career 1976-1979
Greece Jack Bloom Kubisch Career 1974-1977
Guatemala Davis Eugene Boster Career 1976-1979
Guinea William Caldwell Harrop Career 1975-1977
Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Melissa Foelsch Wells Career 1976-1977
Guyana No Appointments
Haiti No Appointments
Honduras Ralph Elihu Becker Political 1976-1977
Hungary Eugene Vincent McAuliffe Career 1975-1976
Iceland James Joseph Blake Career 1976-1978
India William Bart Saxbe Political 1975-1976
Indonesia No Appointments
Iran No Appointments
Ireland Walter Joseph Patrick Curley Political 1975-1977
Israel Malcolm Toon Career 1975-1976
Italy No Appointments
Jamaica No Appointments
Japan No Appointments
Jordan No Appointments
Kenya No Appointments
Kiribati No Appointments
Korea (South) No Appointments
Kuwait Frank Eusebio Maestrone Career 1976-1979
Laos Galen Luther Stone Career 1975-
Thomas James Corcoran Career 1975-1978
Lebanon Francis Edward Meloy Career 1976-1976
Liberia William Beverly Carter Career 1976-1979
Luxembourg Rosemary Lucas Ginn Political 1976-1977
Madagascar and Comoros No Appointments
Malawi No Appointments
Malaysia No Appointments
Mali Patricia Mary Byrne Career 1976-1979
Malta Lowell Bruce Laingen Career 1976-1979
Mauritania Holsey Gates Handyside Career 1975-1977
Mauritius Robert Vossler Keeley Career 1976-1978
Mexico No Appointments
Morocco Robert Anderson Career 1976-1978
Mozambique Willard Ames De Pree Career 1976-1980
NATO David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce Political 1974-1976
Robert Strausz-Hupe Political 1976-1977
Nepal Marquita Moseley Maytag Political 1976-1977
Netherlands Robert James McCloskey Career 1976-1978
New Zealand No Appointments
Nicaragua James Daniel Theberge Political 1975-1977
Niger Charles A. James Political 1976-1979
Nigeria Donald Boyd Easum Career 1975-1979
Norway William Allison Anders Political 1976-1977
Oman No Appointments
Pakistan No Appointments
Panama No Appointments
Papua New Guinea Mary Seymour Olmsted Career 1975-1979
Paraguay No Appointments
Peru No Appointments
Philippines No Appointments
Poland No Appointments
Portugal Frank Charles Carlucci Career 1974-1978
Qatar No Appointments
Romania No Appointments
Rwanda Trusten Frank Crigler Career 1976-1979
Saudi Arabia William James Porter Career 1975-1977
Senegal No Appointments
Seychelles Anthony Dryden Marshall Political 1976-1977
Sierra Leone Michael Anthony Samuels Political 1974-1977
Singapore John Herbert Holdridge Career 1975-1978
Somalia John Lewis Loughran Career 1975-1978
South Africa William Garton Bowdler Career 1975-1978
Soviet Union Malcolm Toon Career 1976-1979
Spain Wells Stabler Career 1975-1978
Sri Lanka and Maldives John Hathaway Reed Political 1976-1977
Sudan No Appointments
Suriname Joseph Owen Zurhellen Career 1976-1977
Sweden David Shiverick Smith Political 1976-1977
Switzerland Peter Hoyt Dominick Political 1975-1975
Nathaniel Davis Career 1975-1977
Syria Richard William Murphy Career 1974-1978
Tanzania James William Spain Career 1975-1979
Thailand Charles Sheldon Whitehouse Career 1975-1978
Togo Ronald DeWayne Palmer Career 1976-1978
Tonga No Appointments
Trinidad & Tobago Albert Bel Fay Political 1976-1977
Tunisia Edward William Mulcahy Career 1976-1979
Turkey No Appointments
Uganda No Appointments
United Arab Emirates Francois Moussiegt Dickman Career 1976-1979
United Kingdom Elliot Lee Richardson Political 1975-1976
Anne Legendre Armstrong Political 1976-1977
United Nations Daniel Patrick Moynihan Political 1975-1976
William Warren Scranton Political 1976-1977
UN/Geneva Henry Edward Catto Jr. Political 1976-1977
Uruguay No Appointments
Venezuela Harry Walter Shlaudeman Career 1975-1976
Viron Peter Vaky Career 1976-1978
Yemen Thomas James Scotes Career 1974-1978
Yugoslavia Laurence Hirsch Silberman Political 1975-1976
Zaire Walter Leon Cutler Career 1975-1979
Zambia Stephen Low Career 1976-1979

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