Senior Positions: Foreign Service Career vs. Other Appointments

Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries of State
Statistics from 1975 to the Present Day

Updated February 2, 2022

Post Incumbent Career FS/Other Dates of Service
Deputy Secretary of State
Career: 21.1%
Other: 78.9%
Robert Stephen Ingersoll Other 1974-1976
Charles Wesley Robinson Other 1976-1977
Warren M. Christopher Other 1977-1981
William P. Clark Other 1981-1982
Walter J. Stoessel Jr. Career FS 1982
Kenneth W. Dam Other 1982-1985
John C. Whitehead Other 1985-1989
Lawrence S. Eagleburger Career FS 1989-1992
Clifton R. Wharton Other 1993
Strobe Talbott Other 1994-2001
Richard L. Armitage Other 2001-2005
Robert B. Zoellick Other 2005-2006
John D. Negroponte Career FS 2007-2009
James B. Steinberg Other 2009-2012
William J. Burns Career FS 2012-2014
Antony Blinken Other 2014-2017
John J. Sullivan Other 2017-2020
Stephen Biegun Other 2020-2021
Wendy Sherman Other 2021-
Deputy Secretary - Management & Resources
Career: 0%
Other: 100%
Jacob Lew Other 2009-2011
Thomas R. Nides Other 2011-2013
Heather Higginbottom Other 2014-2017
Brian McKeon Other 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Arms Control & International Security
Career: 12.5%
Other: 87.5%
Carlyle E. Maw Other 1974-1976
Lucy W.P. Benson Other 1977-1980
Matthew Nimetz Other 1980
James L. Buckley Other 1981-1982
William Schneider Jr. Other 1982-1986
Edward J. Derwinski Other 1987-1989
Reginald Bartholomew Career FS 1989-1992
Frank G. Wisner II Career FS 1992-1993
Lynn E. Davis Other 1993-1997
John D. Holum Other 2000-2001
John R. Bolton Other 2001-2005
Robert Joseph Other 2005-2007
Ellen Tauscher Other 2009-2011
Rose Gottemoeller Other 2014-2017
Andrea L. Thompson Other 2018-2019
Bonnie Jenkins Other 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy & the Environment
Career: 6.7%
Other: 93.3%
Charles W. Robinson Other 1974-1976
William D. Rogers Other 1976
Richard N. Cooper Other 1977-1981
Myer Rashish Other 1981-1982
W. Allen Wallis Other 1982-1989
Richard T. McCormack Other 1989-1991
Robert B. Zoellick Other 1991-1992
Joan Edelman Spero Other 1993-1997
Alan P. Larson Career FS 1999-2005
Josette Sheeran Shiner Other 2005-2007
Reuben Jeffery III Other 2007-2009
Robert D. Hormats Other 2009-2013
Catherine Ann Novelli Other 2014-2017
Keith Krach Other 2019-2021
Jose Fernandez Other 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, & Human Rights
Career: 0%
Other: 100%
Tim E. Wirth Other 1994-1997
Frank E. Loy Other 1998-2001
Paula Dobriansky Other 2001-2009
Maria Otero Other 2009-2013
Sarah Sewall Other 2014-2017
Uzra Zeya Other 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Management
Career: 21.4%
Other: 78.6%
Benjamin H. Read Other 1978-1981
Richard T. Kennedy Other 1981-1982
Jerome W. Van Gorkom Other 1982-1983
Ronald I. Spiers Career FS 1983-1989
Ivan Selin Other 1989-1991
John F.W. Rogers Other 1991-1993
John Brian Atwood Other 1993
Richard M. Moose Other 1993-1996
Bonnie R. Cohen Other 1997-2001
Grant S. Green Other 2001-2005
Henrietta H. Fore Other 2005-2007
Patrick F. Kennedy Career FS 2007-2017
Brian Bulatao Other 2019-2021
John Bass Career FS 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Career: 76.5%
Other: 23.5%
Joseph J. Sisco Career FS 1974-1976
Philip C. Habib Career FS 1976-1978
David D. Newsom Career FS 1978-1981
Walter J. Stoessel Jr. Career FS 1981-1982
Lawrence S. Eagleburger Career FS 1982-1984
Michael H. Armacost Career FS 1984-1989
Robert M. Kimmitt Other 1989-1991
Arnold Lee Kanter Other 1991-1993
Peter Tarnoff Career FS 1993-1997
Thomas R. Pickering Career FS 1997-2000
Marc I. Grossman Career FS 2001-2005
R. Nicholas Burns Career FS 2005-2008
William J. Burns Career FS 2008-2012
Wendy R. Sherman Other 2012-2015
Thomas Shannon Career FS 2016-2018
David Hale Career FS 2018-2021
Victoria Nuland Other 2021-
Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs
Career: 0%
Other: 100%
Evelyn S. Lieberman Other 1999-2001
Charlotte L. Beers Other 2001-2003
Margaret D. Tutwiler Other 2003-2004
Karen P. Hughes Other 2005-2007
James K. Glassman Other 2008-2009
Judith A. McHale Other 2009-2011
Tara D. Sonenshine Other 2012-2013
Richard Stengel Other 2014-2017
Irwin Steven Goldstein Other 2017-2018

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