Career vs. Other Appointments: Assistant Secretary Equivalents

Assistant Secretary Equivalents
Statistics from 1975 to the Present Day

Updated April 7, 2021 (names in italic font indicate a nominee for the position)

Post Incumbent Career FS/Other Dates of Service
Chief Information Officers, Information Resource Management
Career: 67%
Other: 33%
Steven Taylor Career 2013-2016
Frontis B. Wiggins III Career 2016-2017
Keith A. Jones Other 2021-
Chiefs of Protocol
Career: 0%
Other: 100%
Henry E. Catto Jr. Other 1974-1976
Shirley J.T. Black Other 1976-1977
Evan S. Dobelle Other 1977-1978
Edith H.J. Dobelle Other 1978-1979
Abelardo L. Valdez Other 1979-1981
Leonore Annenberg Other 1981-1982
Selwa Roosevelt Other 1982-1989
Joseph V. Reed Jr. Other 1989-1991
John G. Weinmann Other 1991-1993
Mary M. Raiser Other 1993-1997
Mary Mel French Other 1997-2001
Donald B. Ensenat Other 2001-2007
Nancy G. Brinker Other 2007-2009
Capricia Penavic Marshall Other 2009-2013
Peter A. Selfridge Other 2014-2017
Sean P. Lawler Other 2017-2019
Coordinators of International Information Programs
Career: 0%
Other: 100%
Macon Phillips Other 2013-2017
Directors of the Foreign Service Institute
Career: 75%
Other: 25%
Howard E. Sollenberger Other 1971-1976
George S. Springsteen Jr. Other 1976-1980
Paul H. Boeker Career FS 1980-1982
Stephen Low Career FS 1982-1987
Charles W. Bray III Career FS 1987-1988
Brandon H. Grove Jr. Career FS 1988-1992
Lawrence P. Taylor Career FS 1992-1995
Teresita C. Schaffer Career FS 1995-1997
Ruth A. Davis Career FS 1997-2001
Katherine H. Canavan Career FS 2001-2005
Ruth A. Whiteside Other 2006-2013
Nancy McEldowney Career FS 2013-2017
Daniel Bennett Smith Career FS 2018-2021
Directors of the Office of Medical Services
Career: 72.7%
Other: 27.3%
Jerome M. Korcak Other 1980-1984
Eben H. Dustin Other 1984-1988
Paul A. Goff Other 1988-1991
LaRae Washington Kemp Career FS 1991-1994
Elmore Rigamer Career FS 1994-1996
Cedric Dumont Career FS 1996-2003
Laurence G. Brown Career FS 2003-2008
Thomas W. Yun Career FS 2008-2011
Gary D. Penner Career FS 2011-2015
Charles Rosenfarb Career FS 2015-2018
Larry Padget Career FS 2020-
Directors of Management Policy, Rightsizing and Innovation
Career: 100%
Other: 0%
Alaina Teplitz Career 2012-2015
Directors of Policy Planning
Career: 15.0%
Other: 85.0%
Winston Lord Career FS 1973-1977
William A.K. Lake Other 1977-1981
Paul D. Wolfowitz Other 1981-1982
Stephen W. Bosworth Career FS 1983-1984
Peter W. Rodman Other 1984-1986
Richard H. Solomon Other 1986-1989
Dennis B. Ross Other 1989-1992
Samuel W. Lewis Career FS 1993-1994
James B. Steinberg Other 1994-1996
Gregory B. Craig Other 1997-1998
Morton H. Halperin Other 1998-2001
Richard N. Haass Other 2001-2003
Mitchell B. Reiss Other 2003-2005
Stephen D. Krasner Other 2005-2007
David F. Gordon Other 2007-2009
Anne-Marie Slaughter Other 2009-2011
Jake Sullivan Other 2011-2013
David McKean Other 2013-2016
Jon Finer Other 2016-2017
Brian Hook Other 2017-2018
Kiron Skinner Other 2018-2019
Salman Ahmed Other 2021-
Executive Secretaries
Career: 95.5%
Other: 4.5%
George S. Springsteen Jr. Other 1974-1976
C. Arthur Borg Career FS 1976-1977
Peter Tarnoff Career FS 1977-1981
L. Paul Bremer III Career FS 1981-1983
M. Charles Hill Career FS 1983-1985
Nicholas Platt Career FS 1985-1987
Melvyn Levitsky Career FS 1987-1989
J. Stapleton Roy Career FS 1989-1991
W. Robert Pearson Career FS 1991-1993
Marc I. Grossman Career FS 1993-1994
Kenneth C. Brill Career FS 1994-1998
William J. Burns Career FS 1996-1998
Kristie Ann Kenney Career FS 1998-2001
Maura A. Harty Career FS 2001-2002
Karl W. Hofmann Career FS 2002-2005
Harry K. Thomas Jr. Career FS 2005-2007
Daniel B. Smith Career FS 2007-2009
Stephen D. Mull Career FS 2010-2012
John R. Bass Career FS 2012-2014
Joseph Macmanus Career FS 2014-2017
Lisa Kenna Career FS 2017-2020
Kamala Shirin Lakhdir Career FS 2021-
Inspectors General
Career: 54.5%
Other: 45.5%
William E. Schaufele Jr. Career FS 1975
Robert M. Sayre Career FS 1975-1978
Theodore L. Eliot Jr. Career FS 1978
Robert C. Brewster Career FS 1979-1981
Robert L. Brown Career FS 1981-1983
William C. Harrop Career FS 1983-1986
Sherman M. Funk Other 1987-1994
Jacquelyn W. Williams-Bridgers Other 1995-2001
Clark Kent Erwin Other 2001-2003
Howard J. Krongard Other 2005-2008
Steve Linick Other 2013-2020

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