Tracker: Senior Official Appointments

Updated: April 30, 2021

Total Appointments: 28
Career Appointments: 8/28.6%
Other Appointments: 20/71.4%

Names in italics are still awaiting confirmation.


Department of State

Name Position Career/Other
Antony Blinken Secretary of State Other
Wendy Sherman Deputy Secretary of State Other
Brian McKeon Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Other
Victoria Nuland U/S Political Affairs Other/Retired FS
Bonnie Jenkins U/S Arms Control and International Security Other
Uzra Zeya U/S Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights Other/Retired FS
  U/S Management  
  U/S Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs  
Jose Fernandez U/S Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment Other
Rena Bitter A/S Consular Affairs Career
  A/S Legislative Affairs  
Karen Donfried A/S European and Eurasian Affairs Other
Gentry Smith A/S Diplomatic Security Other/Retired FS
  A/S Administration  
  A/S Economic and Business Affairs  
C.S. Eliot Kang A/S International Security and Non-Proliferation Other
  A/S Global Public Affairs  
Michele Sison A/S International Organization Affairs Career
  A/S Arms Control, Verification and Compliance  
Lee Satterfield A/S Educational and Cultural Affairs Other
  A/S Energy Resources  
Todd Robinson A/S International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Career
Brian Nichols A/S Western Hemisphere Affairs Career
Mary Catherine 'Molly' Phee A/S African Affairs Career
Donald Lu A/S South and Central Asian Affairs Career
Brett Holmgren A/S Intelligence and Research Other
Anne Witkowsky A/S Conflict and Stabilization Operations Other
Jessica Lewis A/S Political-Military Affairs Other
Barbara Leaf A/S Near Eastern Affairs Other/Retired FS
Daniel Kritenbrink A/S East Asian and Pacific Affairs Career
Sarah Margon A/S Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Other
  A/S Population, Refugees and Migration  
Monica Medina A/S Oceans and Intn'l Environmental and Scientific Affairs Other
Marcia Bernicat Director General of the Foreign Service Career
  Counterterrorism Coordinator  
  Legal Adviser  
  Chief of Protocol  
  Director, Office of Foreign Missions  
  Ambassador-at-Large, International Religious Freedom  
  Director, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons  
Adam Scheinman Ambassador-at-Large for Nonproliferation Other
  Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice  
  Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues  

U.S. Agency for International Development

Name Position Career/Other
Samantha Power Administrator Other
  Deputy Administrator  
  Assistant Administrator, Europe & Eurasia  
  Assistant Administrator, Middle East  
Marcela Escobari Assistant Administrator, Latin America and the Caribbean Other
  Assistant Administrator, Legislative and Public Affairs  
  Assistant Administrator, Economic Growth/Education/Environment  
  Assistant Administrator, Africa  
  Associate Administrator, Response/Relief/Resilience  
  Assistant Administrator, Global Health  
  Assistant Administrator, Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance  
  Assistant Administrator, Asia  
  Associate Administrator, Strategy and Operations  

Foreign Commercial Service

Name Position Career/Other
  FCS Director General  

Foreign Agricultural Service

Name Position Career/Other
  U/S Trade and Foreign Agricultural Services  

U.S. Agency for Global Media

Name Position Career/Other

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Name Position Career/Other

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Positions marked with ¹ do not require Senate confirmation.