Tracker: Senior Official Appointments

Updated: December 3, 2021

Total Appointments: 49
Career Appointments: 13/26.5%
Other Appointments: 36/73.5%

Names in italics are still awaiting confirmation.


Department of State

Name Position Career/Other
Antony Blinken Secretary of State Other
Wendy Sherman Deputy Secretary of State Other
Brian McKeon Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Other
Victoria Nuland U/S Political Affairs Other/Retired FS
Bonnie Jenkins U/S Arms Control and International Security Other
Uzra Zeya U/S Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights Other/Retired FS
Jose Fernandez U/S Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment Other
John R. Bass U/S Management Career
  U/S Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs  
Brian Nichols A/S Western Hemisphere Affairs Career
Karen Donfried A/S European and Eurasian Affairs Other
Mary Catherine 'Molly' Phee A/S African Affairs Career
Donald Lu A/S South and Central Asian Affairs Career
Barbara Leaf A/S Near Eastern Affairs Other/Retired FS
Daniel Kritenbrink A/S East Asian and Pacific Affairs Career
Rena Bitter A/S Consular Affairs Career
  A/S Legislative Affairs ¹
Gentry Smith A/S Diplomatic Security Other/Retired FS
  A/S Administration ¹
Ramin Toloui A/S Economic and Business Affairs Other
C.S. Eliot Kang A/S International Security and Non-Proliferation Other/Civil Service
Elizabeth Allen A/S Global Public Affairs Other¹
Michele Sison A/S International Organization Affairs Career
Mallory Stewart A/S Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Other
Lee Satterfield A/S Educational and Cultural Affairs Other
  A/S Energy Resources  
Todd Robinson A/S International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Career
Brett Holmgren A/S Intelligence and Research Other
Anne Witkowsky A/S Conflict and Stabilization Operations Other
Jessica Lewis A/S Political-Military Affairs Other
Sarah Margon A/S Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Other
Julieta Valls Noyes A/S Population, Refugees and Migration Career
Monica Medina A/S Oceans and Intn'l Environmental and Scientific Affairs Other
Marcia Bernicat Director General of the Foreign Service Career
Elizabeth H. Richard Counterterrorism Coordinator Career
Sarah Cleveland Legal Adviser Other
Rufus Gifford Chief of Protocol Other
Rebecca Eliza Gonzales Director, Office of Foreign Missions Career
  Inspector General  

U.S. Agency for International Development

USAID-Specific Numbers: Political 10 (71.4%), Career FS 1 (7.1%), Civil Service 3 (21.4%)

Name Position Career/Other
Samantha Power Administrator Other
Isobel Coleman Deputy Administrator, Policy and Programming Other
Paloma Adams-Allen Deputy Administrator, Management and Resources Other
Erin McKee Assistant Administrator, Europe & Eurasia Career
Tamara Cofman Wittes Assistant Administrator, Middle East Other
Marcela Escobari Assistant Administrator, Latin America and the Caribbean Other
Amy Elizabeth Searight Assistant Administrator, Asia Other
Monde Muyangwa Assistant Administrator, Africa Other
Jodi Herman Assistant Administrator, Legislative and Public Affairs Other
Atul Gawande Assistant Administrator, Global Health Other
Carla Koppell Assistant Administrator, Development, Democracy and Innovation Other
Nicole Angarella Inspector General Other
Jim Barnhart Assistant to the Administrator, Resilience and Food Security Career¹
Sarah Charles Assistant to the Administrator, Humanitarian Assistance Other¹
Robert Jenkins Assistant to the Administrator, Conflict Prevention and Stabilization Other/Civil Service¹
Colleen Allen Assistant Administrator, Management Other/Civil Service¹
Michele Sumilas Assistant to the Administrator, Policy, Planning and Learning Other¹
Adetola Abiade Assistant to the Administrator, HCTM Other¹

Foreign Commercial Service

Name Position Career/Other
Arun Venkataraman FCS Director General Other
Maria Louise Lago Under Secretary, International Trade Other

Foreign Agricultural Service

Name Position Career/Other
  U/S Trade and Foreign Agricultural Services  

U.S. Agency for Global Media

Name Position Career/Other
Amanda Bennett CEO Other

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Name Position Career/Other

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Positions marked with ¹ do not require Senate confirmation.