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All books are alphabetized by title. An asterisk indicates a Foreign Service author.

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Africa’s Heart: The Journey Ends in Kansas

Mark Wentling *

Africa's Release: The Journey Continues

Mark Wentling *

The Ambassador's Wife

Jennifer Steil

The American Mission

Matthew Palmer *

Assignment Sahara (Chad and Sudan)

Anne Kimbell *


The Banquet Bug

Geling Yan *

The Beggar's Pursuit

Christian Filostrat *

Believe Me

Nina Killham *

The Berlin-Breslau Affair

Dennis Ortblad *

Black Orchid Blues

Persia Walker *

Black Widow Down

Walter Reid *

A Blondie Reader: Old Wine in New Verses

James R. Wachob *

The Brides' Fair

Hal Fleming *

Broad Horizons

Matt Chessen *

Buffalo Soldier: Battle at Dead Man’s Gulch

Charles Ray *

Buffalo Soldier: Mob Justice

Charles Ray *

But It Does Move: Poems from an Orbiting Earth

Gordon King *


Chasing the Wind: A Story of British and German Pilots in the Battle of Britain

Helena Schrader *


James Bruno *

Choice of Enemies: A Nathan Monsarrat Thriller

M.A. Richards *

China Gate: An International Thriller

Fritz Galt *

City of Ghosts: A Mystery in Vienna

Shawn Kobb *

Coffee Break Mysteries

William S. Shepard *

Collection: A Rocket Malone Hard-Boiled Mystery

Shawn Kobb *

The Common Bond

Donigan Merritt *

Conflicting Loyalties

Harry Caicedo *

Cooper's Promise: A Novel

Timothy Jay Smith *

Crisis Game: A Novel of the Cold War

Craig Eisendrath *


Day of the Dead

Marshall Brement *

Days of Atonement

Ellen Boneparth *

Defender of Jerusalem

Helena P. Schrader *

A Delicate Beauty from Phetburi

Bob Bergint *

Devil's End Game

William E. Knight *

Diplomatic Affairs

Robert G. Morris *

Diplomatic Intrigue

Robert G. Morris

A Diplomat's Progress: Ten Tales of Diplomatic Adventure in and around the Middle East

Henry Precht *

Driving Under the Influence: Two Novellas and a Story

Patricia Lee Sharpe *


East to the Bottom

K.D. Hewitt *

English-Turn (Détour-Anglois) Volume 1: Ruins of Empires

Thomas Williams *


Jay Lake *

Even Gods Walk in Shadows

Robert W. Proctor *

The Extraordinary Journey of Harry Forth

Bruce K. Byers *


Far is the Moon of My Home

Betsy Barnes *


Patricia McArdle *

The Feller from Fortune

Robert Mearkle *

A Field of Flowers: Poems and Essays from a Diplomat's Journeys

Betsy Orlando *

The Five Gringas

Nancy R. Asencio *

The Flowers of War

Geling Yan *

Frontier Justice: The Story of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal

Charles Ray *


Ghost Image: A Sophie Medina Mystery

Ellen Crosby *

Give Me the Word: Advent and Other Poems, 2000-2015

Laura Merzig Fabrycky *

The Great Game Murders

William S. Shepard *


A Handful of Kings

Mark Jacobs *

Hard Sleeper: A Novel of Old and New China

Jennifer Scheel Bushman and Jean Artley Szymanski *

How to Cook a Tart

Nina Killham *

A Huge Happy Pageant

Francis Xavier Cunningham *

Humble Beginnings: An Expression of my Journey through Paintings and Poems (Volume 1)

Timothy L. Giles *


The Immortality Game

Ted Cross *

In the Distant Confines

Nikolai N. Karazin *

In The Dragon's Lair

Charles Ray *


Jade Phoenix

Syd Goldsmith *


Knight of Jerusalem

Helena P. Schrader *


Thomas Ochiltree *


The Lady in the Spitfire

Helena P. Schrader *

Last Summer at the Compound

JH Bartlett *


Alan Michaels

The Light from Maggie's View

Cheryl Nugent *

Little Aunt Crane

Geling Yan *

Lord Fish: Chronicles of Xax

Ted Cross *


Maggie Minds Her Business: From Serpent Cults to Secret Files, Maggie’s on the Trail of Murder in the Steamy African Nation of Wahwa

Allie Simms *


David L. Arnett *

Mexican High

Liza Monroy *

Missing: Presumed Dead

Thomas Swinson *


Alexander Yates *

More Coffee Break Mysteries: The Sherlock Holmes Edition

William S. Shepard *

Moroccan Mystery: The Passport Series

Nancy V. Riley *

Moscow at Dawn

Will Sutter *

Mountains Never Meet

Stephanie Smith Diamond *

Multiple Exposure: A Sophie Medina Mystery

Ellen Crosby *

Murder Most Unfortunate: A Rick Montoya Italian Mystery

David P. Wagner *

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

Oksana Zabuzhko *


No Circuses

James F. O’Callaghan *

No More Boss Man

Frank P. Catanoso *

No Ransom

J.H. Bartlett *

North from Calcutta

Duane Evans


An Obsolete Honor: A Story of the German Resistance to Hitler

Helena Schrader *

Old Gorge Road: A Kentbury Mystery

Cheryl Nugent *

The Olympic Charioteer

Helena Schrader *


The Perfect Pathogen

Mark M. Atkisson and J. David Kay *

Permanent Interests

James Bruno *

The Poetry of Life

Walter N. Davenport, Jr. *

The Poetry of Life II

Walter N. Davenport Jr *

Possessed by Shadows

Donigan Merritt *



Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories

M.G. Edwards *

Return to Umbria

David P. Wagner *

Rhymes of the Antipodes (New England, West Virginia, and New Zealand)

Peter P. Lord *

Rumors of a Coup

Ernesto Uribe *


Salvation is a Homecoming

Christopher Goldthwait *


J. Patrick Hart *

Searching for a Home

Ann Gaylia O'Barr *

Secrets of State

Matthew Palmer *

Selected Poems, 2001-2004

Note: Not available on; to purchase this book, write to Mesilla Valley Press, P.O. Box 847, Las Cruces NM 88004-0847.

Robert W. Proctor *

Selling Your Comic Book Concept: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creators

Damian Wampler *

Sevara: Dawn of Hope

Damian Wampler *

Sevara, No. 1

Damian Wampler *

The Shard: Chronicles of Xax

Ted Cross *

A Simple Game

Kirk Wolcott *

Singing in Babylon

Ann Gaylia O’Barr *

Soul of a Harpist: Dreamed by Karim Chaibi

Karim Chaibi *

Spartan Slave, Spartan Queen: A Tale of Four Women in Sparta

Helena Schrader *

A Spy Sat Down Beside Her

Ken Byrns *

Star Over Chingat

Will Sutter *

State of Decay

Robert Gribbin *


Jehane Dubrow *

The Sword and the Chrysanthemum: Journey of the Heart

Susan Scharfman *


Tales Before Midnight

Ted Mason *

Tales of the Foreign Service: Life on the Edge

Jack Tucker *

Tangier, a Novel

Diane Skelly Ponasik *

This Is Bishkek, Baby

Fogarty Wells *

A Time to Kill, A Time to Die: An Al Pennyback Mystery

Charles Ray *

Tower of Fools: A Mystery in Vienna

Shawn A. Kobb *

Translating Libya: The Modern Libyan Short Story

Ethan Chorin *

The Trap: An International Thriller

Fritz Galt *


James Bruno *

Turning Points: Stories of Love, Crime, and Faith

Duke Ryan *

Two Days of the Adder: And Other Stories from Around the World

Ken Byrns *

Two Pumps for the Body Man: A Diplomatic Noir

Ben A. East *

Tzimmes (and don't forget the cheesecake and the strudel)

Arthur Marshall Fell *


Under Chad's Spell

Michael Varga *

Undertow: A Novella and Six Stories

Patricia Lee Sharpe *

The Unforgiving

Ernesto Uribe *


Vengeance Is Mine: JIHAD

Gerald Olsen


The Way Home

Robert Earle *

What Are Friends For?

Caroline Taylor *

When Tigers Fly

Bob Bergin *

Where I Belong

Ann Gaylia O’Barr *

White Lies -- Black Ice

Warren Wolff *

Whither the Promised Land

Helga Ruge *

Who Is Mr. Plutin?

Rebecca Strong *

Wide Awake

Robert Bober *

The Wind Will Yet Sing

Gordon Young *

The Wolf of Sarajevo

Matthew A. Palmer *