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Addressing America: George Washington’s Farewell and the Making of National Culture, Politics and Diplomacy, 1796-1852

Jeffrey J. Malanson

Adlai Stevenson's Lasting Legacy

Edited by Alvin Liebling

African-Americans in U.S. Foreign Policy: From the Era of Frederick Douglass to the Age of Obama

Linda Heywood, Allison Blakely, Charles Stith and Joshua C. Yesnowitz

America and the Vatican

Robert F. Illing *

America's Unknown Wars

William S. Shepard *

America, Britain, and Swaraj: Anglo-American Relations and Indian Independence, 1939-1945 (monograph)

Eric S. Rubin *, India Review, 10:1, 40-80, 2011

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The American Consul: A History of the United States Consular Service, 1776-1924

Charles Stuart Kennedy *

American Political and Cultural Perspectives on Japan: From Perry to Obama

John H. Miller *

American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity

Christian Appy

Anti-Americanism in Democratizing South Korea

David Straub *


Bin Laden: The Inside Story of the Rise and Fall of the Most Notorious Terrorist in History or Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of a Terrorist

Adam Robinson

A Body of Language: Revealing the Common Mind of Mankind

Matt A. Ellsworth *


The Captain Who Burned His Ships

Gordon S .Brown *

China and Africa: A Century of Engagement

David H. Shinn * and Joshua Eisenman

China Hand: An Autobiography

John Paton Davies Jr. *

Citizen-General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era

Eugene Schmiel *

Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry and Emily Folger

Stephen H. Grant *

The Colonels' Coup and the American Embassy: A Diplomat's View of the Breakdown of Democracy in Cold War Greece (Diplomats and Diplomacy Series)

Robert V. Keeley *

A Concise History of Economists' Assumptions about Markets: From Adam Smith to Joseph Schumpeter

Robert E. Mitchell *

Conquered Into Liberty

Eliot A. Cohen

A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS

Jennet Conant

Cuba - The Audacious Revolution

George Gedda

Czechoslovakia: the State that Failed

Dr. Mary Heimann *


Diplomacy in Black and White: John Adams, Toussaint Louverture and Their Atlantic World Alliance

Ronald Angelo Johnson *

The Dissent Papers

Hannah Gurman

Dissolving Tensions: Rapprochement and Resolution in British-American-Canadian Relations in the Treaty of Washington Era, 1865-1914

Phillip E. Myers

Donn Piatt: Gadfly of the Gilded Age

Peter Bridges *

Doug and Wahwee: Douglas MacArthur, the General's Nephew and His Unconventional Wife - Their Life in the Foreign Service

Thomas R. Hutson * and Dominic B.I.A. Tzimisces


The Earth Is Weeping: The Epic Story of the Indian Wars for the American West

Peter Cozzens *

Encyclopedia of Media and Propaganda in Wartime America

Martin J. Manning & Clarence R. Wyatt, eds.


Foreign Policy Breakthroughs: Cases in Successful Diplomacy

Robert Hutchings and Jeremi Suri

From Washington to Moscow: U.S.-Soviet Relations and the Collapse of the USSR

Louis Sell *


George F. Kennan: An American Life

John Lewis Gaddis

The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames

Kai Bird *

The Great Detectives: from Vidocq to Sam Spade

William S. Shepard *

Greek Urban Warriors: Resistance & Terrorism, 1967-2014

John Brady Kiesling *

La Guerre d'Algerie Vue par Francis De Tarr, Diplomate Americain [The War in Algeria as seen by Francis de Tarr, an American diplomat] (1960, 1961-1962)

David Raphael Zivie


Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency from Ford to Obama

Marvin Kalb, Deborah Kalb

The Hawk and the Dove

Nicholas Thompson

Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939

Volker Ullrich

Hizmet in Africa: The Activities and Significance of the Gülen Movement

David H. Shinn *

Honorable Survivor: Mao's China, McCarthy's America and the Persecution of John S. Service

Lynne Joiner

Human Rights, Perestroika, and the End of the Cold War

Anatoly Adamishin and Richard Schifter


In Europe's Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond

Robert Kaplan

In Uncertain Times: American Foreign Policy after the Berlin Wall and 9/11

Melvyn P. Leffler & Jeffrey W. Largo *, eds.

India at the Global High Table: The Quest for Regional Primacy and Strategic Autonomy

Teresita C. Schaffer and Howard B. Schaffer *

The Indonesian Turning Point (pdf)

Robert Martens *

Inside the Iranian Revolution

John D. Stempel *

Interviews with George F. Kennan

Edited by T. Christopher Jespersen

The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict

Walter Laqueur and Dan Schueftan



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

David E. Long * and Sebastian Maisel


The Last American Diplomat: John D. Negroponte and the Changing Face of US Diplomacy

George W. Liebmann

The Last Battle of the Cold War: An Inside Account of Negotiating the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (Initiatives in Strategic Studies: Issues and Policies)

Maynard W. Glitman *

The Last Mufti of Iranian Kurdistan: Ethnic and Religious Implications in the Greater Middle East

Ali Ezzatyar *

The Latin American Literary Boom and U.S. Nationalism During the Cold War

Deborah Cohn *

Latin American Rebels and the United States, 1806-1822

Gordon S. Brown *

Left, Right, Out: The History of Third Parties in America

David Epstein *

Liberate and Leave: Fatal Flaws in the Early Strategy for Postwar Iraq

Don Eberly


Mao, Stalin and the Korean War: Trilateral Communist Relations in the 1950s

Shen Zhihua, Translated by Neil Silver *

Maryland In The Civil War (Kindle e-book)

William S. Shepard *

The Mind of the African Strongman: Conversations with Dictators, Statesmen and Father Figures

Herman J. Cohen *

Mission Failure: America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era

Michael Mandelbaum

Mongolia and the United States: A Diplomatic History

Jonathan S. Addleton *

Murrow's Cold War: Public Diplomacy for the Kennedy Administration

Gregory M. Tomlin

Mussoorie and Landour: Footprints of the Past

Virgil Miedema * and Stephanie Spaid Miedema

My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III * and Malcolm McConnell


Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink (Council on Foreign Relations Books)

John Campbell *

Nights in the Pink Motel: An American Strategist's Pursuit of Peace in Iraq

Robert Earle *

Nobility Lost: French and Canadian Martial Cultures, Indians and the End of New France

Christian Ayne Crouch *


Of Summits and Sacrifice: An Ethnohistoric Study of Inka Religious Practices

Thomas Besom *

102 Days of War: How Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda & the Taliban Survived 2001

Yaniv Barzilai *

Outsmarting Apartheid: An Oral History of South Africa’s Cultural and Educational Exchange with the United States, 1960-1999

Daniel Whitman *

Over There: A Doughboy in France 1918

William S. Shepard *


Pacific Gibraltar: U.S.-Japanese Rivalry over the Annexation of Hawai'i, 1885-1898 (ADST-DACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy)

William Michael Morgan *

The Passion that Left the Ground

Stephen H. King

Peter Strickland: New London Shipmaster, Boston Merchant, First Consul to Senegal

Stephen H. Grant *

Place Names of Namibia: A Historical Dictionary

Joseph Cassidy *

Place Names of Nambia is available from Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers Ltd. in Windhoek (

Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce

Sylvia Jukes Morris

Privileged and Confidential: The Secret History of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board

Kenneth Michael Absher, Michael C. Desch * and Roman Popadiuk *


Quejas, Tchufe e Lobo, Creole Kings of Samba, Fado and Morna in the 30s

Alveno Figueiredo e Silva * (in Portuguese)

€16.95 - to order, email the author at


The Reagan-Gorbachev Arms Control Breakthrough: The Treaty Eliminating Intermediate-range Nuclear Force Missiles

David T. Jones *, ed.

Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus, 1975-1982

Larry Clinton Thompson *

Run for the Mountains

Gordon Young *

The Russia Hand: A Memoir of Presidential Diplomacy

Strobe Talbott


A Short History of Evolution: A Theme and Variations

Carl Coon *

Strangers When We Met: A Century of American Community in Kuwait

W. Nathaniel Howell *

Superpower Illusions: How Myths and False Ideologies Led America Astray--And How to Return to Reality

Jack F. Jr. Matlock *


Ten African Heroes: The Sweep of Independence in Black Africa

Thomas Patrick Melady & Margaret Badum Melady

Ten Years Later: Insights on al-Qaeda's Past & Future through Captured Records Conference Proceedings (free to read online)

Edited by Dr. Lorry M. Fenner, Dr. Mark E. Stout, Ms. Jessica L. Goldings

Thomas Barclay, 1728-1793: Consul in France, Diplomat in Barbary

Priscilla H. Roberts and Richard S. Roberts

True Believer: Stalin's Last American Spy

Kati Marton



Vera and the Ambassador: Escape and Return

Vera and Donald Blinken

Vietnam When the Tanks Were Elephants

Thomas J. Barnes *

The Voice of the Foreign Service: A History of the American Foreign Service Association

Harry W. Kopp *


The Wars of Afghanistan: Messianic Terrorism, Tribal Conflicts, and the Failures of Great Powers

Peter Tomsen *

William Scott Ament and the Boxer Rebellion: Heroism, Hubris and the “Ideal Missionary”

Larry Clinton Thompson *