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All books are alphabetized by title. An asterisk indicates a Foreign Service author.

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Accidental Encounters with History (And Some Lessons Learned)

Lincoln Palmer Bloomfield

Accidental Patriot: A Diplomat's Journey in Africa Rediscovering America

Kirsten Bauman *

Alias Pegge Parker

Pegge (Parker) Hlavacek *

Alligators On My Roof: An Autobiography

Marjory Wylam Bleidner *

Ambassador to a Small World: Letters from Chad

Christopher E. Goldthwait *

Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines

Parker Borg *, et al.

An Architect of Democracy: Building a Mosaic of Peace

James Robert Huntley

Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History

Antonio Mendez & Matt Baglio

Arias, Cabalettas, And Foreign Affairs: A Public Diplomat's Quasi-Musical Memoir

Hans N. Tuch *

As the Twig Is Bent or, Did I See the Best of America

Malcolm Wilkey

At the Dawn of the New China: An American Diplomat’s Eyewitness Account

Richard L. Williams *

At the Elbows of My Elders: One Family's Journey toward Civil Rights

Gail Milissa Grant *


Ballet in the Cane Fields: Vignettes from a Dominican Wanderlogue

Judith Ravin *

A Bed of Roses: An American Woman's Memoirs of Turkey

Anna Maria Malkoç *

Before Noon: The Lighter Side of Diplomacy

Charles A. and Teresita McGinley *

Behind Embassy Walls: The Life and Times of an American Diplomat

Brandon Grove *

Born Under an Assumed Name

Sara Mansfield Taber *

Born With Wings: Experiencing Life in Exotic Lands

Dorothy S. Conlon *

Bushels And Bales: A Food Soldier in the Cold War

Howard L. Steele *


Chicken Hill Chronicle: Memoir of a Jewish Family

Lawrence Cohen *

Cold War Diplomat: Inside U.S. Diplomacy

George A. Glass *

Coming of Age in Arabia: A Memoir of Aden before the Terror

Tom Henighan *

Contra Cross: Insurgency and Tyranny in Central America, 1979-1989

William R. Meara *

A Conversation With Anne Dammarell

Anne Dammarell *

Creative Recollection of a Foreign Service Life

Note: Not available on; order the book directly from the author at 4442 SW 85th Way, Gainesville FL 32608.

Mary Cameron Kilgour *

Cursed Is the Peacemaker: American Diplomat versus the Israeli General, Beirut 1982

John Boykin with a foreword by George Shultz


Danger Zones: A Diplomat's Fight for America's Interests

John Gunther Dean *

Diapers on a Dateline: The Adventures of a United Press Family in India During the 1950s

Pegge Hlavacek *

A Dimanche Prochain: A Memoir of Survival in World War II France

Jacqueline Mendels Birn *

A Diplomat's Journey from the Middle East to Cuba to Africa: Ambassador Joseph Sullivan

Joseph G. Sullivan *

Diplomats and Terrorists: Or How I Survived a 61-Day Cocktail Party

Diego and Nancy Asencio *

Distinguished Service: Lydia Chapin Kirk, Partner in Diplomacy, 1896-1984

Edited by Roger Kirk

Djakarta Djournal: Adventures of a Diplomatic Spouse in Indonesia

Clayton Bond *

Dreams & Other True Tales

Anna Maria Malkoç *

Drinking from the Saucer: A Memoir

Charline C. Duline *

Drops of Remembrance

Juan M. Bracete *

The Dust of Kandahar: A Diplomat Among Warriors in Afghanistan

Jonathan S. Addleton *


Echoes of a Distant Clarion: Recollections of a Diplomat and Soldier

John G. Kormann *

Economics and Diplomacy: A Life in the Foreign Service of the United States

Deane R. Hinton *

Escaping Iran: A True Account of the Best Bad Idea

Mark Lijek *

Exhaust the Limits: The Life and Times of a Global Peacebuilder

Charles F. ‘Chic’ Dambach


Family Travels in India

Alice Trembour *

Farewell, My Beijing: The Long Journey from China to Tucson

Chi Newman *

A Farm Boy in the Foreign Service: Telling America's Story to the World

Harry H. Kendall *

Fencing with Fidel and Other Tales of Life in the Foreign Service

John Ferch *

Fifty Years in USAID

edited by Janet C. Ballantyne * and Maureen Dugan

Fit to Serve

James C. Hormel * and Erin Martin

Flashbacks of a Diplomat's Wife

Helga Ruge *

Fleet Tug Sailor: A Memoir of World War II

Note: Not available on; this book is on sale at the U.S. Naval Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Allen C. Hansen *

The Fog of Peace: A Memoir of International Peacekeeping in the 21st Century

Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Food Soldier

Howard L. Steele *

Foreign Service Family

Harriet Prince Parrish Youngquist and Eric V. Youngquist *

The Foreign Service Traveler

James Rivera *

Forever on the Road: A Franco-American Family’s Thirty Years in the Foreign Service

Nicole Prévost Logan *

Forever Tandem: A Love Story with Ancillary Passion for the Foreign Service

David * and Teresa Jones *

Freelancing in Paradise: The Story of Two American Reporters Who Supported Their Family by Covering Turbulent Times in the Caribbean, 1958-1963

John Hlavacek and Pegge (Parker) Hlavacek *

From a Small Town to The World: My Story

David L. Stratmon Sr. *

From the Heartland

Carl Coon *

Funny in Parts

John J. Eddy *


A Globetrotter’s Collage

Marcelina O. Huesmann *


The Heydays of Embassies, Foreign Adventures and a Dog

Jeanne JieAhn *

The Houseguests: A Memoir of Canadian Courage and CIA Sorcery

Mark Lijek


I Drank My Tea: Family Adventures in Kyrgyzstan

Mary Atwood *

In the Aftermath of Genocide: The U.S. Role in Rwanda

Robert Gribbin *

The Incidental Oriental Secretary and Other Tales of Foreign Service

Richard L. Jackson *

It’s A Jungle Out There! Memoir of a Spook

Rafael Fermoselle *


Jordan's Jewish Drama Queen

Lee-Alison Sibley *

Journey from Banna

Gordon Young *

A Journey Through the Cold War: A Memoir of Containment and Coexistence

Raymond L. Garthoff *

Journey to Ithaka

Dave Grimland *

Joy, Love, and Loss in Late Life: An Epistolary History of How Early Life Experiences, Long Marriages, and Divorces Shaped a Late-in-Life Relationship

James Jordan *

Jungle Paths and Palace Treasures: An American Woman Encounters the Romance and Reality of India

Mary Seniff Stickney *


The Kennan Diaries

George F. Kennan *, edited by Frank Costigliola

Kilimanjaro: One Man's Quest to Go Over the Hill

M.G. Edwards *


The Last Word

James K. Welsh Jr. *

Life in a Dacha: An American Family in Moscow, 1949-1950

Maria Collins and Ralph Collins *

Like the Moon and the Sun: Indonesia in the Words of an American Diplomat

Stanley Harsha *

Living Abroad with Uncle Sam

Helen Weinland *

Living with Multiple Sclerosis: A Caregiver's Story

John Morris Fenley *

Living With Stalin's Ghost: A Fulbright Memoir of Moscow and the New Russia

Bruce C. Daniels

A Long Way from Runnemede: One Woman's Foreign Service Journey

Theresa Anne Tull *

The Long White Cloud: The Year in New Zealand That Changed Our Family Forever

Kristen Faber *


Madam Ambassador: Three Years of Diplomacy, Dinner Parties and Democracy in Budapest

Eleni Kounalakis

The Magic of Dreams: An American Diplomat’s Journey

Eleanor Lopes Akahloun *

A Man Named Jay

Damian Wampler *

Marry Me Stop

Regina Landor *

Me May Mary

Mary Cameron Kilgour *

Memoirs of an Agent for Change in International Development: My Flight Path into the 21st Century

Ludwig Rudel *

Memoirs of a Foreign Service Arabist

Richard B. Parker *

Mr. Ambassador: Warrior for Peace

Edward J. Perkins * and Connie Cronley

More Than a Walk on the Beach: Confessions of an Unlikely Diplomat

Amb. Mary E. Kramer (Ret.)

More Truth than Fiction/Growing Up in Europe between the World Wars

Helga Ruge *

Mossy Memoir of a Rolling Stone

Thompson Buchanan *

My Daddy Fought the Cold War

C. Robert Dickerman *

My Healing Heart

Rosalie B Kahn *

My Highway of Life Had Many Detours: Worldwide Adventures

John Morris Fenley *

My Life and Thoughts: The Formative Years

Raymond Malley *

My Life in Capitals: A Memoir of Life in the Foreign Service

Bobbie Bergesen *

My Way: A South Texas Rancher in the Diplomatic Service of the United States

Ernesto Uribe *


Nine Lives: A Foreign Service Odyssey

Allen C. Hansen *

North from Ocala: An Autobiography

Barbara Lindner Wood *


Old Gods, New Nations: A Memoir of War, Peace and Nation Building

Eugene Staples *

Old Man on a Bicycle: A Ride Across America and How to Realize a More Enjoyable Old Age

Don Petterson *

On the Front Lines of the Cold War: The Adventures of an American Service Family

Frederic S. Mabbatt *

On the Road with a Foreign Service Officer

William F. Penoyar *

One of the Very Best Men

Robert Sherwood Dillon *

Outpost: Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy

Christopher R. Hill *


Paying Calls in Shangri-La: Scenes from a Woman's Life in American Diplomacy

Judith Heimann *

Peace Corps Pioneer or "The Perils of Pauline"

Pauline Birky-Kreutzer

Peregrina: Unexpected Adventures of an American Consul

Ginny Carson Young *

Point IV: Memories of a Foreign Service Officer

James O. Bleidner *



River of Pearls

Mary Stickney

The Royals and the Roaches: Living Abroad with the Government

Patricia L. Hughes


Sad Specimens For Tea

Jonathan Chase, Editor

Safirka: An American Envoy

Peter Bridges *

Saved for a Purpose: A Journey from Private Virtues to Public Values

James A. Joseph

Seeing Arabs through an American School: A Beirut Memoir, 1998-2001

Robert F. Ober Jr.

Seriously Not All Right: Five Wars in Ten Years

Ron Capps *

Serving America Abroad: Real-Life Adventures of American Diplomatic Families Overseas

Edited by Irwin Rubenstein *

The Shifting Grounds of Conflict and Peacebuilding: Stories and Lessons

John W. McDonald * with the assistance of Noa Zanolli

A Simpler Time: Stories From A Vanishing Era

Eric V. Youngquist *

Sit Down Young Stranger

John Graham *

Some Far and Distant Place

Jonathan S. Addleton *

Something Will Come Along: Witty Memoirs of a Foreign Service Officer with Nine Children

Malcolm Lawrence *

The Sullivan Saga: Memories of an Overseas Childhood

M.H. Sullivan *

Sunsets in Singapore: A Foreign Service Memoir

William S. Shepard *

Sweet Magnolias and English Lavender: An Anglo-American Romance

James O'Donald Mays *


Tales from the Boardroom

Drew Tanzman *

Tales from Tripoli: An American Family’s Odyssey at a Libyan Boys’ School

Kirsten I. Russell *

Tales of an American Culture Vulture

Bill McGuire *

Tchaikovsky 19, A Diplomatic Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Robert F. Ober Jr. *

A Teetering Balance: An American Diplomat's Career and Family

William Boudreau *

Thanks for Listening: High Adventures in Journalism and Diplomacy

Patricia Gates Lynch with a foreword by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

This Too Is Diplomacy: Stories of a Partnership

Dorothy J. Irving *

Ticket to Tomorrow: From the Bizarre to the Bazaar

Jamie Kendall * and Carol O'Reilly *

The Time of My Life: A Personal Look at the Twentieth Century

Hawthorne Mills *

Travels Into the Heart of Egypt

Lillian Craig Harris *


The Unofficial Diplomat: a Memoir

Joanne Grady Huskey *

The Unquiet Daughter

Danielle Flood *

Us and Them: An American Family Spends Ten Years with Foreigners

Bill Meara *

The US Foreign Service: From New Frontier To War On Drugs

John W. Stahlman *


Voluntary Nomads

Nancy LaTurner *


War Whispers in the Wind

Note: Not available on; the book can be ordered by contacting the author directly, either by e-mail at or by phone at (352) 382-3188.

Joann LaMorder Hickson *

With the Dragon’s Children (Second Edition)

David J. Garms *

Witness to a Changing World

David D. Newsom *



A Year at the Edge of the Jungle: A Congo Memoir, 1963-1964

Frederic Hunter *

You Are the Needle and I Am the Thread: A Memoir of an American Foreign Service Wife

Pamela Joy Anderson *

You Can't Beat the Issues: Fifty Years with the U.S. Government in Peace and War

William Lenderking *

Your Diplomats At Work: A Comedy in Seven Acts

Franklin E. Huffman *