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America's Continuing Misadventures in the Middle East

Chas W. Freeman Jr. *

American Ambassadors: The Past, Present, and Future of America's Diplomats

Dennis Jett *

American Diplomacy

Paul Sharp, Geoffrey Wiseman, eds.

American Diplomacy and the Israeli War of Independence

Frank W. Brecher *

American Negotiating Behavior: Wheeler Dealers, Legal Eagles, Bullies, and Preachers (Cross-Cultural Negotiation Books)

Richard H. Solomon & Nigel Quinney *

American Statecraft: The Story of the U.S. Foreign Service

J. Robert Moskin

Asian Diplomacy: The Foreign Ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand

Kishan S. Rana


Ballots, Bullets and Bargains: American Foreign Policy and Presidential Elections

Michael H. Armacost

Before the First Shots Are Fired: How America Can Win or Lose Off the Battlefield

Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz

Buried in the Sands of the Ogaden: The United States, the Horn of Africa, and the Demise of Detente

Louise P. Woodroofe


Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the Foreign Service, Second Edition

Harry Kopp and Charles Gillespie *

The China Reader: Rising Power

David Shambaugh

China's Rise: Challenges and Opportunities

C. Fred Bergsten, Charles Freeman, Nicholas R. Lardy and Derek J. Mitchell

Climate, Weather and Ideology: Climate Change Denial

William R. McPherson *

Counterinsurgency in Eastern Afghanistan, 2004-2008: A Civilian Perspective

Robert Kemp *

The Craft of Political Analysis for Diplomats

Raymond F. Smith *


The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America's Wars

John Tirman

The Demilitarization of American Diplomacy: Two Cheers for Striped Pants

Laurence Pope *

Democratic Transitions: Conversations with World Leaders

Edited by Sergio Bitar and Abraham F. Lowenthal

The Devouring Dragon: How China's Rise Threatens Our Natural World

Craig Simons *


The Embassy: A Story of War and Diplomacy

Dante Paradiso *

Entrepreneurship: Values and Responsibility

Leo V. Ryan, Wojciech W. Gasparski and Stefan Kwiatkowski, eds. *

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, Third Edition

Donna Lee Bowen, Evelyn Early and Becky Schulthies *

Excursions in Language While Looking for Today’s World “Lingua Franca”

John R. Campbell *

Excursions in Language may be purchased at

Expeditionary Diplomacy in Action: Supporting the Casamance Peace Initiative

James R. Bullington and Tuy-Cam Bullington *


Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe

George Friedman

Foreign Direct Investment and Development: Launching a Second Generation of Policy Research, Avoiding the Mistakes of the First, Reevaluating Policies for Developed and Developing Countries

Theodore H. Moran

The Fortunate Few, IVS Volunteers from Asia to the Andes

Thierry J. Sagnier

The Future of the Jews

Stuart E. Eizenstat


Global Diplomacy: Theories, Types and Models

Alison Holmes with J. Simon Rofe

Great Negotiations: Agreements that Changed the Modern World

Fredrik Stanton

Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Relations

Daryl Copeland


Haiti in the Balance: Why Foreign Aid Has Failed and What We Can Do About It

Terry F. Buss and Adam Gardner

High-Value Target: Countering Al Qaeda in Yemen

Edmund Hull *

How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: Riding the Roller Coaster

Howard Schaffer and Teresita Schaffer *


Inside the Red Box

Patrick McEachern *

Introduction to Homeland Security: Principles of All-Hazards Risk Management

Damon P. Coppola, Jane Bullock and George Haddow *

Introduction to International Disaster Management, 3rd edition

Damon P. Coppola *

Introduction to Emergency Management, 4th edition

Damon P. Coppola, George D. Haddow and Jane A. Bullock *

The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security

Ann Hagedorn

Iran: The Nuclear Challenge

Edited by Robert D. Blackwill, by Elliot Abrams, Robert M. Danin, Matthew Kroenig, Meghan L. O'Sullivan, Ray Takeyh, and Richard A. Falkenrath *

Is the American Century Over?

Joseph S. Nye

Isolate or Engage: Adversarial States, US Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy

Geoffrey Wiseman


Jews, Confucians, and Protestants: Cultural Capital and the End of Multiculturalism

Lawrence E. Harrison *



The Last Thousand: One School's Promise in a Nation at War

Jeffrey E. Stern

The Last Three Feet

William P. Kiehl, Ed. *

Living with Climate Change: How Communities Are Surviving and Thriving in a Changing Climate

Damon P. Coppola *

Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure In Iraq and Afghanistan

Frank Ledwidge


Managing Children in Disasters: Planning for Their Unique Needs

Damon P. Coppola, George D. Haddow and Jane A. Bullock *

Managing Overseas Operations: Kiss Your Latte Goodbye

Gregory W. Engle and Tibor P. Nagy Jr. *

Minding the Gap: African Conflict Management in a Time of Change

Pamela Aal and Chester A. Crocker


National Security Under the Obama Administration

Edited by Bahram M. Rajaee and Mark J. Miller *

The New Threat: The Past, Present and Future of Islamic Militancy

Jason Burke



Palestine: In Need of a Just God

Terrell Arnold *

The Politics of Protection: The Limits of Humanitarian Action

Elizabeth G. Ferris



Radical Islam in America: Salafism’s Journey from Arabia to the West

Chris Heffelfinger

Real-Time Diplomacy

Philip Seib

Reconstruction and Peace Building in the Balkans

Robert William Farrand *

Rewiring Regional Security

Chester A. Crocker and Fen Olser Hampson and Pamela Aall

Righting the Balance: How You Can Help Protect America

Daniel Serwer *


Sabotaging the Planet: Denial and International Negotiations

Pamela Aal and Chester A. Crocker

Scholars, Policymakers, and International Affairs: Finding Common Cause

Edited by Abraham F. Lowenthal and Mariano E. Bertucci

Shaper Nations: Strategies for a Changing World

William I. Hitchcock, Melvyn P. Leffler and Jeffrey W. Legro

Slippery Slope: Europe's Troubled Future

Giles Merritt

So You Want to Live Another 1000 Years: An Open Letter to Mankind

John Richard Campbell *

The Spiritual-Industrial Complex: America’s Religious Battle Against Communism in the Early Cold War

Jonathan P. Herzog *

A Student’s Guide to International Relations

Angelo M. Codevilla *

Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World

Ian Bremmer


Talking to Strangers: The Struggle to Rebuild Iraq's Foreign Ministry

Ghassan Muhsin Hussein and David Dunford *

Theology and the Disciplines of the Foreign Service: The World’s Potential to Contribute to the Church

Theodore L. Lewis *

Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security

Sarah Chayes

To the Secretary: Leaked Embassy Cables and America's Foreign Policy Disconnect

Mary Thompson-Jones *

The Tree of the Doves: Ceremony, Expedition, War

Christopher Merrill

Truth Held Hostage: America and the Armenian Genocide—What Then? What Now?

John M. Evans *


U.S. Government Counterterrorism

Michael B. Kraft and Edward Marks *


The Valley's Edge

Daniel R. Green


Why America Misunderstands the World

Paul Pillar

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict (Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare)

Erica Chenoweth

Worlds Apart: Bosnian Lessons for Global Security

Swanee Hunt