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The government is funded through September 30, 2021. At that time, Congress must pass a new appropriations bill or a Continuing Resolution. Failing this, another shutdown is an option. As a first step to preparing for that difficult possibility, members are encouraged to read the new Furlough Handbook to review options for coping with any financial hardship.

Shutdown Q&A

Q. Will my Foreign Service annuity continue to be paid during the a Government shutdown?

A. Yes - Foreign Service annuitants will continue to receive their monthly annuity payment.

Q. Is furlough time creditable towards retirement?

A. Yes. Furlough time is creditable toward retirement. An employee is allowed service credit for up to six months of nonpay status in any calendar year.

Q. How does being furloughed affect my high-3 salary calculation?

A. The high-3 salary calculation is based on an employee’s rate of basic pay, not on actual salary received. If a period of nonpay status (such as a furlough) that is creditable for retirement occurs during the 3-year period used to compute the high-3 average salary, the loss of actual pay during that nonpay status period generally would have no effect on the high-3 computation.

Q. I am in training and participate in the PCS Lodging Program. (My lodging costs are billed directly to the Department.) Will the shutdown affect this program?

A. No, the PCS Lodging Program is not affected by the shutdown.

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