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Welcome to the retirement services section, AFSA’s one-stop shop of information curated for those from all Foreign Service agencies who are about to retire and also for those who already have taken the leap. Below you will find a full range of retirement-related information from pre-retirement checklists, to articles, videos, and links detailing retirement benefits as well as work post-Foreign Service.

Retirement Benefits FAQs

Getting Ready for Retirement

Now That You're Retired: The Benefits of Your AFSA Membership

General Information on Retirement Issues

Directory of Retired Members

Financial Planners, Tax Help, and Estate Planners

Next Stage: What's Next for You Post-Foreign Service?

Post Foreign Service Employment Information


Social Security

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB)


Long Term Care and Life Insurance

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What Surviving Spouses and Children Need to Know

Re-Employed Annuitant (REA) Program (formerly WAE)

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Retirement Services Division Mission and Work

Our mission is to offer guidance to both active duty and retiree members on a full range of benefit and work issues germane to life post-Foreign Service;

We strive to support our experienced and gifted retirees in making the most of their lives post-FS including helping to spread the word to the American people concerning the critical work of the Foreign Service;

We produce the bi-monthly AFSA Retirement Newsletter, which provides information on retirement benefits issues and activities and programs geared towards those approaching retirement and in retirement;

We work with local retiree associations across the country and are the institutional home of the Speakers Bureau. By joining the Speakers Bureau you can share your expertise and highlight the importance of diplomacy in your local community;

We also organize an on-going speaker series on federal benefits and produce the “Next Stage” series, which highlights career options and activities post-Foreign Service;

AFSA members with questions or problems with their retirement benefits - or for any other retirement-related issue - may contact AFSA's Counselor for Retirees Dolores Brown at for one-on-one assistance

Finally, we produce AFSA’s Retiree Directory, which connects friends and colleagues and contains a resource section, which is a kind of “All You Need to Know” for retirees.

Contact Us!

  • Dolores Brown, Counselor for Retirees, at
  • Perri Green, Member Recruitment and Benefits Coordinator, at
  • Christine Miele, Director, Programs and Member Engagement, at

The AFSA Governing Board has three elected members who represent the retiree constituency. The Vice President for retirees is John K. Naland; you may get in touch with John here. John writes a regular column for the AFSA News section of The Foreign Service Journal. Ably assisting John as retiree representatives on the 2023-2025 Governing Board are Mary Daly and Edward Stafford.

Get Involved!

We encourage you to stay connected to AFSA in retirement, whether you live in the Washington, D.C. area, anywhere in the U.S. or even abroad. AFSA offers many events here at our headquarters building; even if you can't attend in person we record all events and make them available for viewing on our website. We also hope you will consider offering your expertise as a speaker on issues related to foreign affairs and the Foreign Service. You can sign up for AFSA's speakers bureau, or volunteer to speak at an AFSA Road Scholar program. We also encourage you to get involved with your local foreign affairs or Foreign Service retiree association. There are so many ways to stay involved in the career that shaped your life.

Not Yet an AFSA Member?

No worries. If you recently (or not so recently) retired and did not fill out a form to change from active-duty to retiree membership, you can download the necessary forms by clicking here. If you choose not to apply online, please mail the completed membership and automatic annuity deduction forms to AFSA at 2101 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037, or fax them to (202) 338-6820. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Honoring Your Service

AFSA is pleased to offer two new ways to remember and commemorate the lifelong Foreign Service career of our members, their spouses or partners. Our Foreign Service Medallion is a beautiful keepsake that can be used for multiple occasions, including being affixed to grave markers. The Foreign Service Commemorative Coin is similar to those long used by the many branches of the military; the silver-finish, 1.75” diameter coin has the Great Seal on the obverse and the AFSA logo and slogan on the reverse. Both are available for purchase through the AFSA website.